Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Abyss of Ignorance

well, since that last post was a little harsh & not too nice to the followers of YHWH, i figured I'd balance it out with some wisdom from a Kabbahlist.
thanks to toda_v once again for the quote:

"Human heads can be hidden in the comfortable clouds of apathy for many
lifetimes. It is so easy to look down upon inferiors, supposing oneself at
the top of the Tree because there seems nothing but obscurity above. If any
feel brave enough to try penetrating that problem, the abyss of ignorance
opens out to engulf them.
Ignorance is probably the worst evil on the whole Tree. In practice, of
course, it applies everywhere, but it is always theoretically in this
position as separating man from the principles of understanding, wisdom,
awareness of highest purpose and, lastly, eternal light. In other words, it
cuts us off from all that is really worth existing for. Like the other evils
ignorance is a deliberate condition. The word means what it says: willful
refusal to learn. It was once said that all humans make the same mistakes,
but those who are wise learn from them, while those who are foolish will not
That is real ignorance.
Why would anyone prefer ignorance to other options? The old, old reason
again - artificial egoic status. Here this works two ways. If we can prevent
others from learning as much as ourselves we can hold them at a disadvantage
and by refusing to recognize anything which might make us seem smaller
our own self-estimations we feel big by contrast. On the principle of 'in a
kingdom of idiots a fool is wise,' whether we accept ignorance in ourselves
from the worst of motives, or encourage it in others to their detriment, it
remains what it is, an evil which divides our entire Tree of Life against
the best interests of us all.
Bearing in mind the nature of ignorance, we should realize it cannot be
countered by mere information, instruction, or so-called education.
Well-educated and informed people may yet choose to adopt a course of
ignorance for covering their particular purposes. The old truism of none
being so blind as those who will not see illustrates the evil of ignorance
quite accurately. In the Tree of Life, this ignorance gap is crossed safely
only by experience directed accurately at our highest possibilities or apex
of awareness. With the Tree of Evil it is either not crossed at all, or for
those relatively few intrepid individuals gaining uncertain footholds on its
other side, the next evil of antipathy greets them gloomily. Antipathy, or
anti-feeling, is a sort of 'Let's hate it first, then see if we can bear it
later,' affair."

- William G. Gray (Exorcising the Tree of Evil)

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