Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Such an interesting mood i've been in the last few days.
Having crystal around is very nice :) last night we watched some Bill Hicks. (thank you foys!)and laughed our asses off.

On sunday, i was pleasantly surprised to see dana at beans & bagels. she used to work there & has been in Belgrade for over a year now & headed back there sunday too.
only got a couple of minutes to talk, which was unfortunate as i'd love to hear about her experience there, but what can ya do? especially when everyone is wanting to say hello to her :) maybe i'll get to hear about it when she's back in another year.

I've felt very out of myself over the last 2 days. aloof, happy in a strangely giddy kind of way. feels like something's comin on..something's starting to happen.
maybe i'm finally putting some motion into my vision! actually moving forward with plans. now that is a nice thought.

painting, music, musings...
I think i'm finally starting to lighten up a bit on myself.
it's about frikkin time.

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