Monday, November 08, 2004

Chance encounters

So, Sunday was a day full of unexpected things...
first, on my morning stop into Beans & Bagels, I was surprised to see Jodi working at my local location again (if only for the day). That was a very pleasant way to start the day even though neither of us were quite awake enough yet to hold any kind of conversation...So off to work I went.
then between locations from work I see danialle, her sister & chadd going out for breakfast (as mentioned in yesterday's post).
then, on my walk home from work, as I'm walking thru the park next to Stockton just south of the zoo, there's my friend Danna standing next to her car.
she'd had the unfortunate mishap of her exhaust pipe rusting loose from the cat. converter, so she had to pull over. ended up having some Thai food for dinner with her & Erik.
all in all, an unexpected day.
I then went home & played R&C3 for a few hours. I swear, it keeps getting better & better. I can hardly wait to try out the multiplayer mode.
I hope that yesterday was a sign of things to come.
I like happy accidents & chance encounters.
the unexpected is so much more fun!

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