Wednesday, November 17, 2004

ethical holiday shopping

here's a nice article on the use of sweatshop labor in the garment industry.
last night's Frontline was about how Wal-mart does business.
i STRONGLY suggest watching it if you see that it's going to be on your local PBS station again, or check it out online.
next week's episode covers the culture of credit cards.
I have to say that i am simply amazed at the recent Frontline specials.
it's wonderful to see some in depth coverage of such important issues.
also wonderful is the fact that they have created a great feedback & interaction system to go along with the shows.
matter of fact, they have ALL of their shows viewable online here
maybe i should be putting a link to them in my sidebar....

also, remember that the day after Thanksgiving is International Buy Nothing Day.
Participate by NOT participating.

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