Thursday, November 04, 2004

getting over arrogance

well, from watch I've witnessed over the last few days, I feel inspired.
looks like the left is starting to realize that it's overly secular outlook does not fly in most of the country. i think this is going to open up a much larger discussion about spirituality in politics. notive i did not say RELIGION in politics.
separation of church & state is necessary, but this does not mean that spirituality & faith do not influence our decisions. it should if it is the central part of our lives. i know that there are a lot of secularists that cringe. grow up. stop acting like ignorant atheist communists. your attitude is that of a child. atheism is nothing but a reactionary stance towards dogmatic religion & is as fundamentalist minded as any bible thumping fundamentalist "christian".
in a truly liberty based, democratic society, the only thing truly allowable in the secular world of control is agnosticism. that is, not choosing one way over another but being a pivoting point, a nexus point where all of those things collide & coexist. to be a binder, not a divider.
harsh words? maybe, but your intolerance towards those with faith is intolerable! just like it's opposite. the right & left are , in the vernacular of David Icke, opposames. they support & feed each other.
if you are one of those on the left i am referring to,YOU are the opposition to the right which keeps the pendulum swinging.
you talk about tolerance & accepting diversity, but if that does not match what you INTELLECTUALLY believe, you get pissed off. GROW UP!
get outa your head & get into your heart. have you forgotten how to feel?
have you signed so many petitions that you've forgotten how to take direct action?
i am not speaking to everyone, but those who need to hear this know who they are.

I'm no longer going to temper my attitude. if people don't like it, they can go elsewhere. every other ignorant asshole gets a frikkin cable news show to spew their filth & bile, so it's about time that those of us who see differently & seek real viable solutions speak up & stand up.
no fear. screw the feds & any cultural censorship. those that don't agree with the status quo need to be outlandish, to be bold, but still be understanding. COMPROMISE, SYMBIOSIS!
no hiding. DIALOGUE! getting past rhetoric!getting past dogma. speeding up that feedback loop & learning to listen.
know what i mean?
I really feel that we need to get a good dialoue going in this culture about christianity & it's true history, and the fact that modern christians are not even followers of christ, but of constantine & the mithraic traditions.
christ stood against his vengeful & insecure father. he practiced & taught love & compassion while his father was telling the jews to slaughter innocent people in his name & take their women (rape them)to build a nation. and the best excuse that his followers can come up with to accept this fact is that they were not killing humans, but rather, the nefilim, the hybrid offspring of angels & women.this is how the original tribes of israel gained their "homeland".
nice. karma is a bitch ain't it?
(bet someone will give me hell for that one!)

enough foolishness for today.
ignore what i say & trust your own experience.
ignore what they say & trust your own experience.
ignore what you say & trust your own experience.
move beyond words & you will kiss the divine.

i think my mind is slipping away...
yay! i'm one step closer!

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