Saturday, November 27, 2004

Lagavulin fueled scribblings

well, I finally went to Sonotheque for the first time last night & had a blast. I drank a little too much scotch (still felt it this morning!) but managed to scribble 5 napkins worth of notes on heirarchies (transcribed below), met some nice peeps, got to say hey to jeremy ellis (gotta love the intimacy of clubs), dance a little dance, and catch my lovely friend/landlady Margaret vaccuuming half naked at 2:30 in the morning with her inner front door ajar.
what a night! :^)
i just wish i would have drank a little less and had a cdr to give to mr. ellis.
oh well.'s what i wrote on those napkins...

napkin 1
-the 4 sided base/ five sided pyramid: defined top & bottom. all points do not touch sphere surrounding it.(in pyramid heirarchy based on this form) As one moves upward choices narrow. bottom supports top, carries burden/weight. is this even found in nature?possible crystal elements? the heart of pyramid heirarchies.
-tetrahedron, equal sides. no definite top or bottom. all sides, surfaces, angles are EQUAL. points are nodes which connect with spphere surrounding and represent connection points rather than determining or controlling points. basic building block of Platonic / Sacred Geometry. the heart of NESTED heirarchies. 4 paths to perimeter. 4 directions.
- 4 sided (square)base pyramid, symbol of slavery. symbol of dominator (per Eisler) or Taker (per Quinn) society an culture. Wherever you see this, there will be an undemocratic,violent,contrl oriented culture based on exploitation and control of information, opportunity, metaphors. Dogmatic beliefs. Controlling, patriarchal religions. predominately male although they convice women to be empowered not thru balancing the male aspect with the female, but thru becoming like the male.
napkin 2
-tetrahedron: 4 sides, no base. all points touch sphere. all points equal distance from center. no one point is dominant. top point is relative. can be built infinitely outward w/all connections being equal. in nested heirarchy one moves OUTWARDS, or expands. as one moves to the next outer step, they encompass the previous, hence, expansion of possibilities, experiences, etc.
A living, ever flowing, always adapting structure that can fit whatever form is needed. does not concentrate on exploitation but rather depends on integration and connection. "wider circle of influence". relies on differentiation, non centralization. the equality of tetrahedron (straight line or "male" energy) and sphere (curved, or "feminine" energy) is indicative of an equality, partnership (per Eisler) or Leaver (per Quinn) society or culture. Less focus on individual, more focus what individual differentiation adds to whole, while still acknowledging and celebrating diversity/individuality.
napkin 3
-nested heirarchies, tetrahedrons, will be representative of pluralistic, liberty based societies which have beliefs focusing on non-absolutes. think zen or taoism, animism, pantheism. oneness thru multiplicity. Equally male /female, yin/yang, etc. etc.
based on expansion of consciousness. reincarnation and multiple lives common.
less emphasis on ego as main definition. does not see ego as enemy, but as tool, technique to use to discover the "new" or the "novel" (novel as defined by McKenna)
the Move from the 4 sided, square base pyramid heirarchy to the tetrahedron/sphere/nested heirarchy is the MAIN and most important element in the move towards an egalitarian and liberty based culture.
one CANNOT have equality within the structure of the 4sb pyramid. it is IMPOSSIBLE!
It is inherent to their structure that they create inequality and domination. This is exactly why they are NOT found thru-out nature. they are not...
napkin 4
...evolutionarily viable. Anything that does not promote diversity/ multiplicity is NOT harmonious with nature/evolution, which promotes SYMBIOSIS above all else.
survival of the fittest does not exist except WITHIN symbiotic relationships.
Freedom comes only through surrender. Not surrender to authority, but rather thru surrender to the infinite, realizing that we MUST still remember to celebrate our individuality. we are each simply one of the infinite expressions of the creative force (whatever that may be). thru each of our individual contributions -"what we do best & enjoy doing"- we contribute to the whole that makes up our shared reality/culture. It is the recognition of the strength of differentiation that brings synergy, peace/ an expandsive environment. It leads to high culture in the arts, science and all other aspects of culture with EQUAL emphasis on all aspects. It celebrates the "Novel" rather than destroying it. integrates & asks "why?"
napkin 5
it probes deeper, searches for real, authentic answers. it is authentic. It does not differentiate between what is alowed & what is not. It accepts the Oneness of all instead of relying on Duality as a method of control. There is no "good" or "bad" in anested heirarchy. rather it is based on "what works". that which does not work is looked upon as a learning experience. mistakes are NOT frowned upon, but are considered a natural part of the learning process. Supportive relationships are more common than judgemental ones. Compassion rules. understanding and acceptance are key. one can still criticize, but it is in the mindset of further & deeper understanding af both the criticizer & the criticized. judgement (the mindset of "I'm right, you're wrong") does not apply. th mindset of "how many differing views and opinions" is more in tune with this way of being.
This is liberty, freedom, community, acceptance, and it can become a deep love.

wow, that was a lot to try to read off of napkins. and written while intoxicatd no less! so pardon grammatical errors, etc, as it was just notes :) i had sloppy little pics of the differing pyramids & spheres too.
Eisler refers to Rianne Eisler, Quinn to Daniel Quinn, and McKenna to Terrence McKenna.

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