Wednesday, November 03, 2004

many lessons to learn

ok, well, i don't have the time to go on & on about all of the thoughts I'm having post -elections, but i'm gonna warn ya that there are some ideas coming that many in the left will not want to face.
I'll be writing quite a bit about them in the future. i need to go a little further with my thoughts first.
here are some teasers:
-the left needs to learn PATIENCE. the majority of America is not yet ready for the type of changes that are starting to sweep our culture. it takes time for these cultural memes to percolate thru the country. trying to force these beliefs on people that are not yet wired for them never works.
the best example is gay marriage.
if it would not have been pushed so forcefully, there would not have been so many states passing legislation to ban it. Once again, those that deserve to have the liberty to be themselves have it quashed because they did not see beyond their pride & self righteousness to see what kind of effects they would be dealing with. Basically, the way in which this meme was attempting to spread, the technique, was not effective. it ended up creating more problems than would have existed if the subject would not have been brought up. I'm not saying it should NOT have been brought up, but that the time was not yet ready. hence, the need for patience, for understanding & working with instead of against those that one sees as enemies.
as long as that polarisation is a part of the self definition of ANY group, this problem will persist due to the violent nature of the discourse.
now, realize that i am saying this while being the only straight employee in a gay owned & operated business. I believe in ANYONE'S right to express their connection with others. I also think the need to have that recognized by the state is juvenile & creates a relationship with the state as parental figure. truly childish.
on the same token, there should be equal legal rights to any type of domestic coupling. or even grouping for that manner. if there is a group of people that wish to live in a familial tribal setting without one on one partnerships, that should be allowed as well. if the right really wants to look at a solution for such problems as abortion & the desacralization of sex,the meaningless & profane relationships that many people have, the disconnection from the creative force, maybe they should be looking beyond their religion & cultural setting & see how effective the tribal template is. it has been going for millions of years & the only reason it is diminishing is because the "civilized world" will not allow any other way of being other than it's own to exist. it seeks to destroy all other ways of being.
One other big lesson those on the left should learn, especially all of the urban people out there, is that middle america is NOTHING like you. they do not even live within the same culture. in the city it is easy to forget, there are so many that are the same. sameness is everywhere, even though there is diversity as well. in fact, the diversity is mistaken for being the natural state of human affairs when it is actually a newer way of being. for the majority of america, this is not the reality that they face. they are scared of urban america. they believe in the myths. when they come to experience the city, they go to the areas that were specifically designed to impress them & make them spend money. they get to experience this soft inner shell which they think is surrounded by the forces of darkness. and not only that, but they enter into a world where people do not look each other in the eyes as they walk down the street. into a world in which so many act in such a completely self absorbed manner

I would also suggest that many in the left, or rather, many that are passionate about ANY belief or cause, have a tendency to insulate themselves from reality by surrounding themselves with an insulating barrier of like minded people. in doing so, other thought patterns are kept from entering the discourse, and since everyone in the group keeps hearing the same thing repeated over & over, the tendency comes to believe that everyone thinks that way & sees things as you do.

if there is anything that is obvious, it is that we do not have a truly representative system of government. if we did, there would be 2 leaders when there is a near 50/50 split in the popular mindset. each would be equally represented. this whole notion that 51 vs 49 represents some movement totally to one side over the other is completely absurd and is the perfect example of how insanely dualistic & black/white the american mindset is.
it needs to change.
left & right are both extreme, arrogant, shortsighted, intolerant, and childish.
we should all be able to live in the way in which we find proper. without the need to convince others to live in the same way. this plurality is part of the natural system of life, the one that comes from the creator, if you need to believe that.
this violence of the mind must stop. we have forgotten the heart.
we must find out hearts again, and realize that we are all on this trip called life together & that no matter how different our beliefs may be, we all need to support & encourage each others journeys into the unknown.
we all get to decide the world we live in. we just need to take the actions into our own hands. every day, in every interaction. that's the ONLY way in which anything is every going to really change.

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