Sunday, November 07, 2004

a new look, a full title

well, watcha think? i spent more than a few hours tweakin on saturday. still a few minor things to fix -rounded corners mainly.
but i've been wanting to customize this blog for quite awhile.
let me know what you think.
i'm sure that this is just the first of many new incarnations.

it's another beautiful day, and i really need to get out in the garden & dig up & pot the thai chili pepper plants. they are doin so great, even a few small gourds were ready to pick & cure too, while the bigger ones are still on green vines for now. I'll wait till the vines are startin to dry & then I've gotta figure out a good storage place to cure them.

as i was coming out of work up north this morning, i saw kitten & theMan going to Nookies Tree with kitten's sister. they asked me to join them, but unfortunately, i had to come downtown to continue workin.

well, my guilty pleasure is back as Ratchet & Clank 3 : Up Your Arsenal was released last week. it's the first vid game I've ever paid full price for as a new release.
but very VERY worth it. holy crap. each level is better than the last. & this one had multiplayer & online options too. it's going to be worth hours & hours of play.
time to get a network adapter. ;^)

i've been trying to make sure that i don't spend hours on end playing it,so I've been playin in a couple to 4 hour increments. it's just so addictive! and so many mini games! oh joy!

enough already. time to get outside & enjoy some of these last days of semi warm sunny weather before the chicago late fall & winter set in.

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