Sunday, November 14, 2004

organizing & uncluttering the self

well, cleanin up my apartment felt wonderful. still a little bit left to do, but what has been done already makes me feel so much better. it even motivated me to paint last night. It was the first time in over a year since I'd used my oil paints (water solvable) and I'd forgotten how much of a joy they are to use.
I actually returned to working on a painting that i hadn't touched in a year & a half.
I'm always amazed at how my skills develop when i'm not actually painting. It's as if i do the mental work & then when i finally get back to the canvas, it just comes naturally. maybe due to the freshness. whatever it is, i love it!

I had a brief moment of lucid dreaming last night. wish i could tell about it, but it would not be prudent ;^) .I just wish i would not have awoken from it!
those moments in dreams that come back with us, the ones that we can remember the tactile sensations from as if it had actually happened..damn, ya just gotta love 'em.
i want more of that! that's the kinda stuff that makes one question what's real & what is imagined and does it even really matter which is which?

Lookin forward to goin over to the foy's for an early turkey day dinner.
then, later this evening Crystal gets in town to stay for the week. It will be great to see her.
to much to do before then, so off i go...

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