Thursday, December 30, 2004

convergent discourse

well, i think i finally figured out how I'm going to go about starting my non fiction work. how i'm going to attempt to synergize & harmonize my various thoughts.
I've decided that it's important to include the inportance of those that introduced new ideas that have struck me deeply.
I realized that instead of outlining what i want my work to be about (media/medium has yet to be decided), why not simply record my stream of concious thoughts about these great thinkers & feelers that have had such an impact on me.
the idea came when i had the mental image of these different people in a room together brainstorming. well, since that cannot happen in reality, i figured, why not have it happen in my head & see what comes of it.
so far, the group includes : R. Buckminster Fuller, Osho, Daniel Quinn,Hundertwasser, David Icke, Douglas Rushkoff, Robert Anton Wilson, Hakim Bey.
i'm sure that others will come & go and add their bit too.
the interesting thing is that in order from the start of that list to the end, the entire spectrum from control to chaos are represented.
yet all have similar goals, if you can call them "goals". they are better described as ways of being, of methods, techniques.
so, i figure i'll start babbling on about each person in turn & what i have learned through the emergence of each of their ways into my life.
much quicker & equally right & left brained to be verbal about it & then transcribe those ideas into written form.
heck, maybe I'll just end up putting the audio discources online.
we'll just have to wait & see.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


looks like my webserver is down. no mail, no site, yikes.
hope my provider gets it back up soon!

haven't been posting as i've not had much to say.
just gettin ready for the holidays.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

i'm now on

almost forgot to post this.
i set up a filtered by the spiral music page at over the weekend.
there are 4 songs which can be streamed or downloaded.
those songs are also on my own website, but i figured there's be a bit more random traffic at myspace. heck, already got one random friend request without even sendin out any invites. cool.
here's the link

winter chill

well, the winter chill is movin into chi-town earlier this year.
i wonder if we'll have a white x-mas?

it was a pretty lazy weekend.
On friday night, went down to Hotti Biscotti with Ami G. to see the "Nervous Center" crowd. it was their movie night & we caught the majority of "Rubin & Ed" which was truly hilarious! Crispin Glover and Howard Hessman as a couple true losers.
we then headed back to my place & watched "Session 9"
and crashed.
Spent most of Saturday playing driving games & painting,& also watched "Eyes Wide Shut" (which i am soon going to write my interpretation of - kitten since you watched it recently too, wanna compare notes?). We eventually went over to LeSabre to get some diner food & then Ami went her way & I went mine.
it was good to get to spend some time with her. i had not seen her in quite awhile.
That evening I watched "Cooley High" which was highly enjoyable. especially the hats! yeah boyee! lol

not much else happening. just trying to figure out plans for the holidays.

i will say one thing not do google searches that will turn up things you don't really care to know. it's way too easy these days to find things out.
so remember that anything you post on the web is public, my friends.
(and don't do searches about lost loves!)

also, i found a rather disturbing osho manifesto for a world government. some very insightful & inspired ideas, but also some downright scary ones.seems to me that for being an "enlightened master" he sure is ignorant about a few the truth behind traditional education, the United Nations... but i'm sure i'll have more to say on that eventually. I'm actually considering writing a critique of his proposal for a world constitution.
it's troulesome how people will accept guru's as dieties even when that guru tells them not to. and man, coould osho play headgames. and he'd even let you know he was doing it!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

life, the great teaser

well, first of all, I'm very happy that I've managed to obtain 4 of the five volumes of bhagwan shree rajneesh/osho's "the book of the secrets" series. considering that i believe volumes 2-5 are out of print (i've only seen a reprint of volume one printed as the book of secrets (no the), i feel very lucky. I've also discovered that his book on bodhidharma is out of print as well. that is one of my favorites & is the book that led me to osho's being.
anyway,as i'm gettin off of the el today & as I'm finishing my chapter while waiting at the door to exit the train, i place my bookmark, which happens to be an osho zen tarot card (the "adventure" card) in place & close my book & while doing so, i hear the sweet voice of a beautiful young woman say to me "that looked like an osho zen tarot card".
it's the first time that i've had anyone connect about him in the physical world- matter of fact, first connection about him at all. we talked briefly about the deck & how beautiful it is & then as the doors opened she said a quick goodbye & was gone.
now, i would have LOVED to ask her to get some tea. she seemed like a very pleasant person.
but it was one of those chance moments where it seemed like both of us did not know how to make the step to connection.
she seemed in a hurry, and i wasn't about to slow her down.
that's one of the things i hate about big cities. we get into this mode of protection.
i think it keeps us from many good things.
of course, i could have made the effort to further the conversation, but i'm not socially forceful or blunt like that. i tend to defer & pay attention to the kind of energy & state that the person i am interacting with is in. especially with strangers.
it would be a pleasant surprise to bump into her again. are you listening, universe?
so, there ya go, once again the world teases me. gives me that little glimpse.
i get a lot of those.
maybe one of these times I'll get my chance to dive in & take the adventure.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

website updates - new (old) music downloads

I've been slowly updating my website this week.
there are more music downloads on the filtered by the spiral page whcih now has my live sets from hotti biscotti & the leadway cafe as well as all of the tracks from the symbiotic frolic cd that was pre-computer (as in electronica created on a cassette 4 track with a nice mix of live instruments and tweaked beats-think krautrock jamming meets ninjatune).
there are cd insert images that can be printed for each collection too.
there are a lot more music tracks to still be uploaded. a complete archive of stuff plus some old & new dj mixes.
you can hear & see it all here

there is a lot more digital art going up soon as well as the photo gallery which has been missing in action for quite some time now.

more updates as i get things uploaded.

the art of osho

just found a site that shows & sells screenprints of osho's art.
colorful & zen. link will be added to the sidebar.
check it out!
also just received volume 4 of his "The Book of the Secrets" series.

Monday, December 06, 2004

the essential oneness of being

toda_v strikes again.
yet another couple of good e-mail forwards from the man from the land of white sands.
The Essential Oneness of Being

"The basic teaching of mystics, dressed in the garb of many traditions, is
essentially this simple message. There is only One. All multiplicity of
beings and their sense of separateness or distance from one another are
either illusion or represent a less than ultimate truth. This is especially
the case, in the language of Western mysticism, in the great alienation or
sense of distance that humans feel between themselves and God.....

Kabbalah teaches that there is a secret unity of all Being, hidden within
the multiplicity and diversity of life as we experience it. God and universe
are related not primarily as Creator and creature, which sounds as though
they are separate from one another, but as deep structure and surface. God
lies within or behind the facade of all that is. In order to discover God -
or the real meaning or the essential Oneness of Being - we need to turn
inward, to look more deeply at ourselves and the world around us. Scratch
the surface of reality and you will discover God. The path to God is thus
more like peeling off the layers of an onion than climbing a ladder to the
sky. The 'journey' of the seeker to God is only a metaphoric one. We, in
fact, discover the Oneness of Being by staying right here, paying as close
attention as we can to the present in which we live. But if we are to speak
of journeys, the mystic offers us a journey inward, an inner opening rather
than a vertical ascent."

- Arthur Green (Ehyeh: A Kabbalah for Tomorrow)

and this one too...

Caution On the Magical Path

"We are all familiar with the 'awful warnings' given out darkly against
occultism and magic of any kind. Such vague threatenings do rather more harm
than anything else, merely arousing apprehensions without supplying any
means of avoiding hidden pitfalls. The facts are that magical practices
bring out fairly rapidly the normally hidden side of any person. Their
latent characteristics will objectify. If these are good, then results are
said to be beneficial, but if bad, then the opposite. All that happens, is
that once a channel of communication has been established by magical means
between Outer and Inner Self, a kind of short-circuit occurs, and surges of
energy take place from one state to another. Objective and subjective
energies coming directly together without adequate control cause tensions
liable to result in serious explosions or erosions. Spiritual, mental, and
even physical diseases are likely to be an outcome. So are opposite
conditions of improved health, strengthened mind, and the greatest benefits
of soul. It all depends on whether our circuit was properly arranged before
the power was switched on.
For these reasons, the reputable Mysteries, whose operatives were deeply
concerned with human welfare, instituted a large number of controls between
Inner and Outer life. They established Deity-figures of benignant aspects
and attributes. They personified the worst and most undesirable qualities of
humanity as demons to be controlled and directed into useful service. They
tied up magical practices with disciplines and training programmes
calculated to bring out the best in the practitioners. One way or another,
they did everything possible to ensure that their Initiates came to no
lasting harm nor were able to inflict serious damage on others. At the same
time it was necessary to provide means of development so that Initiates
became capable of handling powers which might be used with considerable good
or evil effects. The position was rather like that of the modern problems
concerning the selection of suitable people for controlling atomic energy.
Those individuals likely to benefit through magical Mystery practices
will be well-balanced, healthy, sound-principled, intelligent, patient,
hard-working, and creatively imaginative people. This may sound like an old
fashioned character reference, but moral qualities are of greater importance
to humanity than magical abilities. Unstable, easily excitable people, with
unsound principles, erratic impulses, nervous dispositions, or inadequate
health and stamina, can injure themselves still further by magical means
unless they seek to use these for making good the deficiencies of their own
natures. In no sense is this intended to imply any type of Divine
retribution, but simply the natural outcome of using an inadequate
individual for function beyond their ability to deal with."

- William G. Gray (Magical Ritual Methods)

i'll post more of my own words soon. i think i just needed a little break :^)