Thursday, December 30, 2004

convergent discourse

well, i think i finally figured out how I'm going to go about starting my non fiction work. how i'm going to attempt to synergize & harmonize my various thoughts.
I've decided that it's important to include the inportance of those that introduced new ideas that have struck me deeply.
I realized that instead of outlining what i want my work to be about (media/medium has yet to be decided), why not simply record my stream of concious thoughts about these great thinkers & feelers that have had such an impact on me.
the idea came when i had the mental image of these different people in a room together brainstorming. well, since that cannot happen in reality, i figured, why not have it happen in my head & see what comes of it.
so far, the group includes : R. Buckminster Fuller, Osho, Daniel Quinn,Hundertwasser, David Icke, Douglas Rushkoff, Robert Anton Wilson, Hakim Bey.
i'm sure that others will come & go and add their bit too.
the interesting thing is that in order from the start of that list to the end, the entire spectrum from control to chaos are represented.
yet all have similar goals, if you can call them "goals". they are better described as ways of being, of methods, techniques.
so, i figure i'll start babbling on about each person in turn & what i have learned through the emergence of each of their ways into my life.
much quicker & equally right & left brained to be verbal about it & then transcribe those ideas into written form.
heck, maybe I'll just end up putting the audio discources online.
we'll just have to wait & see.

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