Thursday, December 09, 2004

life, the great teaser

well, first of all, I'm very happy that I've managed to obtain 4 of the five volumes of bhagwan shree rajneesh/osho's "the book of the secrets" series. considering that i believe volumes 2-5 are out of print (i've only seen a reprint of volume one printed as the book of secrets (no the), i feel very lucky. I've also discovered that his book on bodhidharma is out of print as well. that is one of my favorites & is the book that led me to osho's being.
anyway,as i'm gettin off of the el today & as I'm finishing my chapter while waiting at the door to exit the train, i place my bookmark, which happens to be an osho zen tarot card (the "adventure" card) in place & close my book & while doing so, i hear the sweet voice of a beautiful young woman say to me "that looked like an osho zen tarot card".
it's the first time that i've had anyone connect about him in the physical world- matter of fact, first connection about him at all. we talked briefly about the deck & how beautiful it is & then as the doors opened she said a quick goodbye & was gone.
now, i would have LOVED to ask her to get some tea. she seemed like a very pleasant person.
but it was one of those chance moments where it seemed like both of us did not know how to make the step to connection.
she seemed in a hurry, and i wasn't about to slow her down.
that's one of the things i hate about big cities. we get into this mode of protection.
i think it keeps us from many good things.
of course, i could have made the effort to further the conversation, but i'm not socially forceful or blunt like that. i tend to defer & pay attention to the kind of energy & state that the person i am interacting with is in. especially with strangers.
it would be a pleasant surprise to bump into her again. are you listening, universe?
so, there ya go, once again the world teases me. gives me that little glimpse.
i get a lot of those.
maybe one of these times I'll get my chance to dive in & take the adventure.

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