Wednesday, December 08, 2004

website updates - new (old) music downloads

I've been slowly updating my website this week.
there are more music downloads on the filtered by the spiral page whcih now has my live sets from hotti biscotti & the leadway cafe as well as all of the tracks from the symbiotic frolic cd that was pre-computer (as in electronica created on a cassette 4 track with a nice mix of live instruments and tweaked beats-think krautrock jamming meets ninjatune).
there are cd insert images that can be printed for each collection too.
there are a lot more music tracks to still be uploaded. a complete archive of stuff plus some old & new dj mixes.
you can hear & see it all here

there is a lot more digital art going up soon as well as the photo gallery which has been missing in action for quite some time now.

more updates as i get things uploaded.

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