Tuesday, December 14, 2004

winter chill

well, the winter chill is movin into chi-town earlier this year.
i wonder if we'll have a white x-mas?

it was a pretty lazy weekend.
On friday night, went down to Hotti Biscotti with Ami G. to see the "Nervous Center" crowd. it was their movie night & we caught the majority of "Rubin & Ed" which was truly hilarious! Crispin Glover and Howard Hessman as a couple true losers.
we then headed back to my place & watched "Session 9"
and crashed.
Spent most of Saturday playing driving games & painting,& also watched "Eyes Wide Shut" (which i am soon going to write my interpretation of - kitten since you watched it recently too, wanna compare notes?). We eventually went over to LeSabre to get some diner food & then Ami went her way & I went mine.
it was good to get to spend some time with her. i had not seen her in quite awhile.
That evening I watched "Cooley High" which was highly enjoyable. especially the hats! yeah boyee! lol

not much else happening. just trying to figure out plans for the holidays.

i will say one thing though...do not do google searches that will turn up things you don't really care to know. it's way too easy these days to find things out.
so remember that anything you post on the web is public, my friends.
(and don't do searches about lost loves!)

also, i found a rather disturbing osho manifesto for a world government. some very insightful & inspired ideas, but also some downright scary ones.seems to me that for being an "enlightened master" he sure is ignorant about a few things...like the truth behind traditional education, the United Nations... but i'm sure i'll have more to say on that eventually. I'm actually considering writing a critique of his proposal for a world constitution.
it's troulesome how people will accept guru's as dieties even when that guru tells them not to. and man, coould osho play headgames. and he'd even let you know he was doing it!

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