Monday, January 31, 2005

swirlin weekend

the last few weeks have been busy, work schedule switched around at the last minute, lots of visitors & meeting new can become disorienting.
Crystal went on her way on wednesday after staying for awhile & it was really good to see her as always.
on friday I finally met amanda from lorna's laces, where crystal works. we'd heard a lot about each other but never met. she and stephanie, who also works there, were in beans & bagels for their friday morning breakfast get together. both of them were very cool & i've been invited to join in on their friday gathering.
friday evening, michelle came into town from MN and i went out for a few drinks with her & her friends bud & jen. a very good time, excellent conversation.
on saturday michelle came over & then jen met up with us & the 3 of us got dinner at andies mediterranean restaurant on montrose (near my home).
we then went down to the long room (bar)on irving & met bud there, had a round of drinks & then walked back to my place & hung out late.
my place seemed to become the gathering place for the weekend, which was very nice. It was great to have all of those wonderful women in my home.
sunday was brunch day. after i went in to work to do the money, i came home & krista, michelle's friend from MN that drove down with her, came over, then jen & bud as well, and we all ventured down to roscoe village & Victory's Banner for brunch. VB is run by followers of sri chinmoy, and is all vegetarian. very very yummy actually. loved their bottomless cup of chai. mmmm
the wait was long to get a table, so while waiting, we all went over to the village thrift & did a little clothes shopping.
managed to pick up some jeans & a nice shirt.
it was great to spend time with all of them 3 days in a row.
have a feeling i'll be hangin out with jen again. (she's the only one of them that's living in chicago, bud living in san fran). we seemed to have quite similar tastes. probably will have to have a night of pee wee's playhouse box set watching soon.

the ibook i got recently should be up & runnin tonite if the replacement keyboard shows up today. i can hardly wait for that! I'm excited! still gotta get a wireless card for it though...

some new art ideas are coming to mind, inspiration to paint big & move into the realm of figurative drawing being added into my work, inspirational people & their ideas taking visual form. will be interesting to see how it emerges.

think i need a few days of rest to recoup from the late hours & social activity (which unfortunately i'm not used to!) but all in all, things sure are more exciting so far this year! whoohoo!

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