Tuesday, February 01, 2005

my most offensive idea yet

ok, so i've been putting off writing about this one. there are a lot of people that are REALLY not going to like this, but I've thought it through & it feels true to me.
I have yet to hear or read this explained in these terms either, but i'm sure I'm not the first...
First off, I'll be using judeo/christian metaphors here. it only makes sense since the trinity of major religions that are rooted in this tradition are making a mess of the world right now. I think this may help explain why.

there are two parts to this. I'll start first with the creation story of eden, and then go into the angelic aspects of the metaphor.
first, the tree of knowledge: before the serpents temptation, what existed? what was the state of eden, adam, eve? I'm no theologian, but from what i understand, it was a paradise, everything was. it just simplay was, no judgments, no duality, everything was simply a part of existence, of God.
everything changed because of knowledge. the fruit of the forbidden tree.
So, the serpent (Lucifer) tempts humanity (adam & eve) with knowledge of good & evil, of distinction, of separation. This is the knowledge which was received from the tree. All of a sudden judgment was born. things started to be seen as this & that & the existence was fractured. Humanity came under Lucifer's spell and has been ever since. Original sin is the fall into duality, the belief in there being something separate from existence, from God.Think about this. Do you think that anything actually changed in the garden of eden? any physical changes? NO. It was a perspective shift. It was a shift of the MIND. It was a shift of understanding and relationship. The animals did not change, the trees did not change, neither did the air. Only this relationship between humans and existence was changed. sex was not ugly before eating from the tree, so how can it be ugly afterwards? only through this illusion created by the fruit, by Lucifer, by the perspective imposed through the mindset of dualism, of intellectual imposition of worth. How can it be that anything created by existence, by God, is ugly? is unworthy? is to be banished & thought of as evil? Look deeper, then deeper still, and truth will show you. You've been duped.
How many of your morals, of your beliefs are really yours? How many of them have you come to through experiencial reality? How many are simply mindgames? methods of control? Methods of protection? I do not dismiss the need for thse things. at certain points along our own personal journeys, we all need to experience out own events & beliefs in order to make our way back into alignment, into harmony with existence.
every being has their own path, their own needs, but do not get caught up in the separateness. like the peaks of the waves, we are all connected by the ocean underneath. The separation is the illusion, but the expression of the individual wave is just as important & natural as the connection that exists on a deeper level.
Celebrate the variations just as joyously as we celebrate the connections. and always remember that there is no heirarchy of importance which exists between the two. They are two sidesof the same coin.

On to the angelic part of the metaphor, the history of Lucifer.
how many truly understand this story? Do you know what it is that Lucifer did?
Most think that he stood up to God and claimed equality, but this is a simplified view. What Lucifer was actually doing was saying to God, to existence, that He could be SEPARATE from God. To be his own existence. In this way, duality was born.
I'm sure existence laughed at him, and we are living in the resultant sick joke. We are all learning Lucifer's lesson because the majority of us are his followers.
Let me explain this further, and this is where many are going to be very disturbed.
ALL belief systems that are based on dualism worship Lucifer. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, these are all Luciferic religions. ANY recognition of Lucifer's power, of his separation from God, from existence, is an agreement with Lucifer. Only by completely dismissing his concept of separation do we come back into the oneness of existence, of God. There can be NO duality if God is all knowing and all things. If everything is a part of existence, then even Lucifer is God, he is NOT separate, merely an aspect of the one which is all things. ALL that exists is one with existence. It exists within. This is not a limiting view. this is by definition the most expansive reality that is. There are no limits. infinite expansion through infinite expression.
To be against anything is to be against God, against existence itself.
Morals are childish.They are imposed, programmed, they are not genuine, authentic. People follow morals out of fear, not out of selflessness. they do not reach to the core, they are merely a surface mask.
flowing with reality, having a sacred relationship with it, a dance, a song, these will bring one to fruition, will bring one to rightful action not out of ideology, not from dogma, but from being in tune with existence, having a symbiotic relationship with EVERYTHING. it does not stop at humans, at animals, or even at plants. Even shit is God. NO-THING is separate. No-thing is profane. fight with existence, desire to make it what your ego wants, not trusting that which gives you life, this will lead to suffering, to madness.This spawns the profane perspective, the path of decay. existence only supports that which is in tune with it, all else is simply dropped by existence as being useless, unneeded.
For some reason humans (especially of dominator/taker cultures)have decided that they are not subject to this natural law of existence. That humans can think of themselves first. NOTHING matters as much as humans! this is the cry we hear so often. Many times it's unconscious, the speaker does not ever realize that this is the message being projected. Humanism is ripe with the stench of extinction. It is one of the most profane ways of being that has ever occurred upon this earth (as far as historically recorded i guess). It is a massive ideological effort to convert the entire biomass of the planet to human use exclusively. Many would disagree with this, saying that there is a concerted effort by environmentalists, etc, to preserve the biosphere. but listen closer, what is that i hear? for some reason those humans think that nature must be managed! I guess only humans know what nature is supposed to be! how dare existence take care of itself!
how arrogant of it to think that humans might not even be needed!
Live in harmony, in tune. dance with reality, think of it all as your partner in the dance of life, what Starhawk calls the Spiral Dance ( more on magic/ magick at a later date - that'll be another one to piss a few pagans off).
Look deeper. even when one feels absolutely disturbed, offended, seek the beauty which that seed can sprout, for it is there. It is present in everything, even the most horrendous atrocities.
Our focus needs to shift from the negative. no more "NO WAR" buttons. wear "YES PEACE" buttons. NO more I don't agree with Bush, More We don't' even need the president to make our decisions.
remember, there is ALWAYS a choice of NON-COMPLIANCE. But people in the west are soft. how dare anyone even suggest sacrifice that may be extremely risky.
DO you pay your taxes (which happen to be collected illegally as the Federal Income Tax bill was never actually properly ratified), if so you pay for war, you pay for bioweapons research, you are subsidizing the enemies of life, all those who seek to control, all those who live in a world ruled by fear & the violent mind.
I understand that everyone cannot make the step of disconnection, of noncompliance. There are families to feed & house, debts to be paid (yet another scam that is abominable, if you do not understand how fiat lending works, do some research & you will be disturbed! 90% of the money is created out of thin air at no actual expense. it's just numbers on a screen!absolute abstraction of YOUR worth as a human being).
But if there is ever going to be real change, we must take the first steps. we must be patient, we must flow with the waves.
we cannot force the waves direction, but like a surfer, we can decide our direction upon the wave, our perspective, the way in which we relate to the wave. we have a choice, ride it rough & aggressive. ride it sweet & smooth.
we will fall off, waves will crash over us, yet we can simply remount out boards, paddle back into deeper waters & catch the next wave & try again.
do not be afraid of failure, do not be afraid of making mistakes, of suffering, even of death. All are natural parts of existence, and if you live in harmony with them, they will birth the inexpressible.

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