Saturday, March 19, 2005

On Love

Yesterday, I wrote a comment on a friend's blog & was a little surprised at how it flowed out of me, as if it was not even me speaking, but rather, something deep, something new which is sprouting in me. It has been growing for awhile now, and is reaching a point where it is becoming a natural everyday expression, no matter who i am interacting with.
I decided that i should post that comment here as well, as it is inspiration to myself for further writing, further expression.
I can only hope that others find it as inspiring as i do.

here's the post which is about how people define/experience/view "love":

allow it all of the weight & depth that is natural to you. never let other's unawareness lower your own vibrations, your own depth of meaning. love knows no conditions, it accepts all, finding the beauty in every little flaw, in every aspect of being. it is the divine connection. Many may throw around the word, profaning it, blurring it, causing confusion on the part of all involved. These beings are not aware, they know not what they do, they are only doing that which they have learned; they have not yet graduated from their current way of being.

Love cannot be defined, it can only be experienced. it is not a thing, it is not a thought or a feeling, it is more like a way of being, a way of relating & connecting.Yet even this is not enough. One cannot describe love, one can only BE love.
In fact it is even beyond that, because when one moves into love, all boundaries disolve. There is no longer a you involved. You have moved beyond your boundaries, and surrendered to life, having faith that no matter how much flows outward from you, that you will never be disconnected from source, from the divine.
We can only truly know our own experience of love. so much distracts us from our truths. years of programming & witnessing unawareness, they cast a veil over our divine oneness. No one is ever disconnected, they have only forgotten, or been led away from their true nature, their authentic understanding.
In a culture of profit, where ego is ruled as the high god, one can only expect the majority of people to act in a protective manner, concentrating on their own profits, their own needs. This is the madness of western society and the majority of civilization. This madness has been reinforced since our first movement into agrarianism. before food reserves, there was no property, at least not as we think of it now. It is the control of food which started the entire madness of one human deciding the reality of others, of fear based desire, and of the abstract definition of a person's worth.
All of this contributes to the modern attitude towards love and loving.
Everyone is scared. They lack faith. They have been told since birth that they are flawed in a way that can only be overcome by absolute submission to rigid dogmatic ways of being.
The role of a guru is one of casting seeds. this is an ultimate expression of love. There is no regard to where the seeds fall, soil, stone, water, it matters not. the guru is overflowing, a fountain of the divine that resonates outwards with no distinctions as to who or what is the receiver, or whether or not the seeds even find fertility.
This is love. in it self does not exist. one merely becomes a conduit through which the divine flows.
We must all find compassion in ourselves as well as for ourselves if we are to move into love, if we are to accept each others individual paths to the truth, to the divine. Most stumble and are not yet ready. This is perfectly right. We must remember this, as empathy is one of the main keys. In their own time, the seeds will take root in them, and then they will come to awareness, to understanding.
Beyond logic, beyond the rational, beyond even the mystic, Love in it's wholeness is all that is.
We only need to open our being to it.
The dreamer needs to awaken in all of us.
We should all learn the meaning of namaste - i recognize the divine in you, that you are as much god as i am, that all distinctions are illusions and we are really one - for in it, we will recognize the divine in even those considered the lowest of the low.

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