Wednesday, March 02, 2005

time off

well, i guess it's almost been a month since my last post.
i guess i haven't really had much to say.
many things happening in my life right now, trying to sort them all out.
it can be a little overwhelming sometimes.
many new people, and changes happening.
david, the owner of where i work, passed on this last weekend & things at work are a little up in the air, but i have faith that they will work out.
on the homefront, i've loved spending time with new friends, but at the same time, it seems to be getting in the way of my urge to be more creative, at least when it comes to writing.
i have been working on new music though & there is a rough version of a new song posted at my myspace music page.
i also recently did a collage while watching the oscars over at the Foy's. I had found a SUN & Weekly World News at work & remembered the fun of cut & paste art, so i armed myself with a cutting mat, x-acto, and a gluestick & went to town. you can see the results here

my current music goal is to have a new demo cd ready to give to jazzanova when they are at smart bar on my birthday. I'd shit if i got signed to compost records. that would be sweet.
anyway... times are a changin & i'm a bit anxious to see what life brings.
the excitement of new people,the sadness of saying goodbye to the old. challenging for sure, but all a part of the natural flowering of life.


  1. Like your blog, although you haven't written in a while. That all good though, because we all have other happening to keep us stimulated and otherwise preoccupied. Listening to your rough cut, nice. Let us know when we can stream more.

  2. thanks for the comments echo.
    i checked your blog too & i love the way you write. i bet we'd have a great conversation over some lagavulin or the like (that being my single malt of choice). ;^)
    i'll have to comment on one of your posts in case you don't see this.
    there's an e-mail me link in my right sidebar if you ever feel like an email dialogue.
    and if you want to hear more music of mine , you can get to the folder index of the music on my website at
    they are not set up for streaming, but they are downloadable if you have the time and/or bandwidth.