Saturday, March 26, 2005

the walking ick

I am so tired of this walking whatever it is i have. wearin me down.
I've been thinkin about it, and i've had quite a few more cases of respiratory ailments since i started walking home from work. Could it be the foul city air? maybe the chemtrails? i mean i DID spend a few MONTHS outside underneath them documenting the spraying.
whatever, all i know is that i've gotta start dealing with my health, especially considering the likeliness of a created global pandemic that will be meant to "thin the herd" and allow org's such as FEMA to install Martial Law.
May sound crazy, but ya best be prepared.
I'm not gonna sit here today & give ya a million & one links, but i will say that there is a growing dialog in the news underground.
The US dollar continues its downward spiral, the current admin. moves forward with its plan to bankrupt the nation and cause global chaos, more talk of avian flu pandemic, if we invade Iran, there will be a world war involving china & russia, the media continually distorts the news (and people believe it! as if they wouldn't lie about Terry Schiavo as much as anything else!).
It constantly amazes me how STUPID americans are. People read a week's worth of coverage about Terry & think they know the whole story. where has all of the coverage been for the last year? I remember first coming across terry's situation almost a year ago on the site. and why is it that everyone wants to believe the words of micheael more than anyone else?
people are ignorant & prove constantly that they have never learned how to think critically & with a problem solvers mind. even those that consider themselves intellectuals fall short all too often. why is it that people have such difficulty moving on to the next deeper question?
We are witnessing the decline of a civilization that is not evolutionarily viable, and rightfully so.
to hell with patriotism, nationalism, politics, etc. they are the hallmark of slaves.
move into a cosmic mind and understand the global nature of our existence. otherwise, there will be an end to this path we are on & we'll have to start over.

i know i'm ranting, whatever. we've got a chance that hasn't been present in a long long time. will we grasp it or be weak kneed overintellectualized morons who never take action & only criticize?
the choice is in each of us.
you don't have to work for a different way, just stay out of the way of those who wish to create a world that allows us all to express our lives in healthy manners that are based on liberty instead of fear & security.
stop playing their game & using their tools simply because it is convenient. convenience is exactly how they will sell you your own slavery.
remain aware & vigilant.
use what you must, but be prepared to drop it without a thought, otherwise, you already are a slave.

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