Thursday, April 07, 2005

bad poster...bad

yeah, well...i haven't been much interested in posting lately.
here's the latest...
helped with set design painting last weekend & got a nice sunburn :)

made the move to cellular after saying for a long time i never would.
the expence of my landline was just too great.
i don't lose internet due to using a cable modem, so it's all good.
now i just have to deal with being bombarded by microwaves (although not much worse than your standard cordless phone)

also, i'd recommend renting "the Corporation" watched it last night & it's a very good presentation of what a corporation is & how they work & are designed. very very cool documentary.

heading downstate this weekend to see my mom & sister & her family. it'll be nice to see them all (have not seen them since christmas).

not much else to say today. been listening to wacky webradio & just won a lot of 23 bhagwan shree rajneesh books, so i'll have plenty of reading for the next half year ;)

hopefully i'll be inspired to write more soon. i'm just likin my silence right now. feels good. liberating.

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  1. Not a bad poster. Just gathering more for later. Or is there really a later?