Sunday, May 22, 2005

the spiral keeps spinnin

well, i finally finished my remix of Knaebot's song Constant at the end of last week.
it can be downloaded from my site by right clickin save as here It's 7.3M and a little over 10 minutes long.
yet another laptop frree production with the computer only being used for recording & mixing (protools free runnin on OS9.2.2)

I feel like with this mix even more of my inflences got thrown into the blender. I'm very happy with the results.

Most of this last week was spent working on it getting synth parts & sounds the way i wanted. It's amazing how many hours one can spend on such a thing!

Beyond that, I was up early every day the last few weesk & was into work early too.
Means i missed breakfast at B&B with the gals but that's ok.
It was great to get out of work earlier every day.

Last week i hit the clearance bins at the Virgin Megastore & scored once again. Only spent 16 bucks & got the following on Vinyl:
Ben Mono's album Dual - prob. my favorite album I've gotten in the last year & sounds even more astounding on vinyl!
an Incognito remix 12" with a killer Kyoto Jazz Massive remix,
a Black Science Orchestra remix 12" (a mr scruff-like mix by ted patterson)
a John Beltran remix 12" featuring Andreas Saag and Elsa (stateless) and a sweet remix by Kirk DeGiorgio in his Offworld guise.
and last & probably for me to pass on on ebay or something...
got the Chris Clark album on Warp from last year too. have yet to listen to the whole thing but there are definitely a few tracks i found interesting.

I have such a love hate relationship with IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). very rarely am i ever surprised by any of it. It seems a little color by numbers to me. Maybe due to the fact that so many laptop composers are using the same software programs. I think that it just might be possible that the struggle to make create the music one wants to helps with the creative side, and when it gets to be too easy to program a song, there's not much challenge or depth there anymore. Maybe I'm just not being turned onto the right artists for my tastes.

Beyond that, I've spent the last week pretty much chillin.
also spent some time with bob & co. which was really nice. Before now, we'd pretty much only randomly bumped into each other.
I foresee music collaborations in the future.

Been reading Rajneesh's book "the Mystical Experience". very nice. an earlier one from a kundalini meditation workshop in 1970.

many interesting other developments too that i'm imagining will manifest themselves within the next week.
should be interesting.

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