Wednesday, June 15, 2005


the cool breeze blows.
spring caresses me.
it is good to have the early humid hotness relaxing into a more pleasant atmosphere.
the garden, it grows, slowly but surely, with promises of good eats.
this season, tomatoes should abound. many varieties as well as reseeded sweetness from last season. (oh how i loved those navidad grape tomatoes)

My spring cleaning is finally getting to where it should be.
piles of clothes getting folded, dishes getting done, clutter being sorted & put in a more user friendly space.

it amazes me how much cleaning of that sort clears the head.

i keep intending to create a meditation space, or spaces, both inside & out.
it would be very nice to have it near the garden, or even within it.
maybe get up a bit earlier, with the sunrise, and spend time out there, meditating & gardening before having to journey into the big fortress of the center of the metropolis to earn that which i must to keep a roof over my head.

today i am blessed with what looks like it's going to be a half day. i can hardly wait to take my walk home.

"Looking at a sunset, just for a second you forget your separateness: you are the sunset. That is the moment when you feel the beauty of it. But the moment you say that it is a beautiful sunset, you are no longer feeling it; you have come back to your separate, enclosed entity of the ego. Now the mind is speaking.
And this is one of the mysteries, that the mind can speak, and knows nothing; and the heart knows everything, and cannot speak. Perhaps to know too much makes it difficult to speak; the mind knows so little, it is possible for it to speak." - osho

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