Friday, June 17, 2005

mild frustration

so, last night i finally got Ableton Live runnin on my ol' 500mhz G4 desktop.
started up teh demo session so i could get a little hands on taste & know what the hell i'm doing, and, believe it or not (and i seem to have quite the knack for this) i managed to max out the capabilities within a few minutes.
tweaked the presets with a few effects & whammo! CPU usage up to 97% and glitch city.
made for some interesting sounds for sure, but not a usable set.

so, i either need to rethink how i'm going to use Live, or I need to upgrade.
I don't imagine that my 500mz G3 ibook will fair any better with it...

could it be time fo...dare i say it...a mac mini?
sure seems like a good idea for a portable live setup. that & a cheapo second hand 15" lcd would be perfect. all i'd need tro do is get or make a nice case for the screen.
of course, it would help if i had the fundage to get that shit, which i do not.
so, guess i'll just have to figure it out in due time & for now use Live like i was using protools free before - as a harddisk recorder & mastering suite.
at least i won't have to boot into 9.2 to record anymore. ahoohoo!

it's cool & breezy out today. i'm lovin it.
got up early & watered the garden before all of the peeps in the neighborhood were out & about. just me & the birds & squirrels.

my work week is finally over & it's time to head out for yet another beautiful walk.
not sure what's up yet for this weekend, but i'm sure it will be enjoyable no matter what comes up.

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