Thursday, June 09, 2005


I'm excited that tonite I will be going to witness Mouse on Mars perform at Sonotheque!
it has been a few years since I have seen them. always a fun time.
and the fact that they are going to be at a club both small & acoustically beautiful makes it all the.
I've been to sonotheque a few times now, and each time I have had a wonderful experience, whether it be the friendliness of the staff or just random conversations struck up with strangers.
Not to mention that they manage to have some of the finest musicians & dj's comin thru there, and the intimate setting makes for the ability to say hello to them, pass along cdr's, and basically have a very human experience.

I spent late afternoon & early evening yesterday in my garden doing some massive weeding. I had been putting it off for a little over a week, and managed to let my arugula go to flowering (oops). It was a miniature jungle out there from 1 to 12" tall!
Once i got it all cleaned up, there they were...all of the little seedlings sprouting that i actually WANT to be there. There were some surprises as well: the broccoli that is growing where i swear i did not plant any (i let one of them go to flower last year), and it seems that it just may be possible that the amazing navidad grape tomatoes reseeded as well, as there are a few stray tomato plants that actually germinated from seed! and they are already almost a foot tall. too cool, especially in this zone 5 climate of Chicago.
I still want to get some larger tomato plants, and maybe peppers too.
there are also squash & zuccini coming up & i think i saw some thai chili plants sproutin too.
now if i can only keep on top of the weeding!

It's been a hot & humid week & i finally busted out the AC a couple of days ago.
Noona doesn't seem to be too happy about it. maybe the noise, maybe the fans i need to use to circulate the air throughout the apartment...but she's just gonna have to adjust.
I DID leave her favorite windows for her though. I usually put the unit in one of them (which is the most centralized in the apartment) but this year i decided to let her have it.
Not sure it's going to work though as the back end of the place is just not getting much of the cool air.

Been keeping rather busy for myself lately. so many cool peeps to hang with, new connections to nurture.
I've been a little sloppy about it in some regards, but am blessed to have someone that is very understanding willing to share in some honest & open expression that is both scary at times & needed & healthy too.

I've been so used to not being allowed to be myself to the extent that i want to be in relationships that it is refreshing to have someone tell me that i can be myself totally.
The amount of respect that exists in that connection amazes me, and i know that i will cherish it for years, an interesting feeling since it is a rather young and new connection (at least in this life!)
yeah E, i'm talkin about you. thanks for amazing me. you're the bomb.
know that you'll only get the highest respect from me. (HUGE HUGS)

I'm really diggin that i am once again moving into a time of social discourse & gatherings. It feels good. I'd been hibernating for far too long.

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