Tuesday, June 14, 2005


not feeling like writing much right now.
silence...pondering things inside, relaxing...
a nap sure sounds good right about now :)

more osho...

"I do not belong to the category of the learned. My whole life has been based on a fundamental truth which can only be called unlearning. Whatever the society has forced me to learn, through the schools and the colleges and the universities, my work has been how to unlearn it; how to clean myself from all this junk, rubbish and all kinds of crap. I am not a learned man. Perhaps I might be the most unlearned man in the world. And I would hate to be respected by the present humanity - it does not have that intelligence, nor has it that heart, nor has it that being." - Osho

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  1. Thank you! A great quote that has lots of meaning, consistently. I needed that.