Friday, June 03, 2005

So Much

So much to say that i do not know where to i will wait until later when i have time to sit & ponder, to give it more thought, more feeling.
for now I somply give you more words of osho:

"Knowledge gratifies the ego, wisdom happens only when the ego is gone, forgotten. Knowledge can be taught; universities exist to teach you. Wisdom cannot be taught, it is like an infection: you have to be with the wise, you have to move with the wise, and then only something will start moving inside you."


  1. Are you sure "exorcism" is your theme? You seem to have a placid outlook.

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  3. And why is it that one would assume that exorcism cannot be placid? As i let go of my concept of self, exorcizing, dropping, or throwing out aspects of self identity, that which we use as symbols to represent our "self" or that which we create as an image of our understanding of our individualism, there may be a moment, a period through which there is not this placid state. But that is only a process, not the result.
    It is a matter of focus as to how the experience is expressed.

    I am not very fond of western existentialism, so i tend to be a positivist, or to be visionary, rather than to be mired in nihilismos. I am of the belief that the western philosophers, as well as the likes of people such as Ayn Rand, have not been able to make the final leap.
    It is as if they decided to stay in grammar school and refused to become adults.
    all of the suffering of a Nietzche, all of the vanity of an Ayn Rand,
    it is all a product of this protection and clinging to the ego, to the self.
    Ayn Rand is the quintessential example of an unawakened aquarian, boldly proclaiming knowledge & ego, yet really having no clue as to the true expanse of what it is she is on the precipice of.

    There is a huge importance to recognizing this individual manifestation, but she misses that it is still connected, that the individuation is not about pride or arrogance, but simply a natural function of the universe.
    The piscean aspect is about connection,empathy, and the recognition of community,;
    and in astrological ages, it comes before the aquarian season for a reason, and must be integrated before the aquarian obsession with individuality & libertarianism can be properly & healthily expressed.

    Philosophies created on pure abstraction and shallow understanding, and the overzealous need to constantly uphold the dreamworld which the unawakened aquarian believes in tend to have a complete disconnection from the greater community, a nonrecognition of the symbiosis which is the basis of all life. This can lead to extreme activity that is empty of compassion & gestalt thinking & rooted in nothing but intellect. It does not recognize the WHOLE human. Rather it seeks to turn the human into an unnatural machine which can be controlled,.
    And THIS is the heart of the problem. Obsession with control.

    In her work, and her proclamation of the ego & self progressing humanity, it is not recognized that the self has no set definition, that it is arbitrary & subjective; not to mention that in the east it has been shown that there is a consciousness which can witness the self, the ego, which means that there must be something, or at least a state of being, which is beyond the self.

    So, my whole process is one of trying to bring a flowering to myself & others (don't like using that terminology of separation, but as far as physicality goes...) so that it can be revealed that there is more than the self and that it is the most beautiful of experiences.(yet also the most disturbing to the egoic self.)

    People become afraid of losing the self, not realizing that it does not need to be dropped completely unless one is wanting to move out of the material worldor move away from participation in it, to be more specific.

    We simply need to recognize that the ego is nothing more than a tool of interaction, only one in a toolkit which allows many types of relationships & expressions.

    by exorcizing the self, I do not mean that I am removing things FROM the self, but rather that i am removing the SELF.
    It was also a jab at the majority of bloggers, who do nothing but exercise the self through their blogs, not interested in anything more than their own identity & ego and the need to be "right".

    and although i may seem placid, i most definitely have my moments of turmoil as well!
    anyway, maybe it is needed that those who would be drawn towards the term "exorcism" for it's negative & chaotic implications would be stunned, or taken off guard by placidity, for it is they which need peace in their lives more than anyone.