Thursday, June 09, 2005

Who's really the "badguy"?

here is a link to video footage of a recent tasing arrest.
be patient, let it load & watch it, remembering that this is a ROUTINE TRAFFIC STOP for SPEEDING!
in recent months there have been an ever increasing amount of deaths from police officers overzealously using tasers during arrests.
i think for every time they use their tasers, we should get to put electrodes on their balls & shock them ten times for each time they shock civilians.
Fuck the state.
They are proving more every day who's side they are on & it's not the side of the people.
anyone wanna help me design taserproof clothing?
go to this link & simply enter "tasers" into the search engine & you will find at least 75 articles on the hazards & implementation of tasers.
remember, not only could you could be next, but it could kill you.

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