Wednesday, July 27, 2005

more on CODEX

follwing is a link to a pdf file of a flyer that may help you and others understand the truth about the new CODEX standard, which has already been implemented in a few european countries & has been slipped into the CAFTA treaty.
here is the link to the flyer
for more info go here

share your all-oneness

"...But the real love is not an escape from loneliness,
the real love is an overflowing aloneness.
One is so happy in being alone that one would like to share;
happiness always wants to share.
It is too much, it cannot be contained;
like the flower cannot contain its fragrance,
it has to be released"

Sunday, July 24, 2005

beyond repression

"Up to now, humanity has been schizophrenic
because you have been told to repress, to reject,
to deny, many parts of your natural being.
And by rejecting them, by denying them, you cannot destroy them
they simply go underground.
They go on functioning from your unconscious;
they become really more dangerous. "

are you ready for the dark night?

well, I've kept the political & conspiracy posting to a minimum lately, but I've just gotta make a post about the latest London bullshit.

We have now seen the true colors of the future of the "anti-terrorist" New World Order agenda, and it includes cold blooded termination of innocents with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

I mean truly...think about if it was happening to YOU.
You are on the subway & you see someone running for the train.
Behind them are a bunch of people that you might assume to be plain clothes officers, but in no way shape or form are they identifiable as anything other than people with guns. Understand this fully. THEY FEEL NO NEED TO EVEN PROVE WHO THEY ARE TO YOU.

When they catch up with the individual running, two of them pin him down so that he cannot move, and then shoot him five times while he is utterly defenseless. No questions, no nothing, just outright blatant cold blooded murder.

For anyone that does not believe that this is the mindset of the whole show, you are going to have an unbelievably rude wake up call the day they come to your door, to your work, or hassle you in a public venue.
you are now officially the enemy of the state.

anyone that stands in their way is going to be dealt with with nothing but pure hate.

I firmly believe that this is the beginning of a state of being in the world which most are not at all prepared to believe to be reality.
a world where made up news is handed out free in front of mass transit stations, vanity becomes a focus point, and all the pussies that don't like what's happening start talking about fleeing.
well, guess what, there is not going to be anywhere to flee to ya idjuts.
this is it, the BIG SHOW.

You may not want to believe it, but this is the culmination of thousands of years of creating culture & civilization. It is a set up, designed to enslave the entirety of humanity.(if you do not believe this, trace the history of royal bloodlines.)
sound over the top? yeah it does.
but guess what, if we don't start to question it & work & play towards freedom RIGHT NOW, it's too late.
Those who are weak will be trampled.
those who stand tall are our only hope.
It would take days of writing to explain the whole scenario to you.
instead i will point you in a few directions.
some of you may have looked there, others refuse to go...
but the first thing you must do in order to move past your slavery, to be free from the prison , is to DROP YOUR LABEL.being a liberal is being an idiot, being a conservative is being an idiot, being political is being a slave.Politics was not created by or for the people. it was created in order to instill a sense of duty & action in the pople so that the illusion of democracy can be upheld.
and remember, freedom CANNOT come through equality. Equality only brings rules, regulations, and limitations tro those who would otherwise rise higher. let those that are capable of this expansion, of this growth,be the guides for those who would choose to have everyone remain mediocre. We all have the POTENTIAL to be equal, but never all at once. all reach the highest heights in their own time. equality must be born, grown & nurtured. It cannot be externally enforced.

only through individuality, through your own experienced truth,through your own blossoming into a greater, more expanded & empathic being will you be set free.

all groups, organizations, are corruptible, even more so that the individual.
get an individual into a large group & it's easy to make them believe & act in any way you want.
get people to sign a petition & give you money & you psychologically disarm them from taking direct action.
you are doing a disservice.

this is the darkest post i've made in quite awhile & rightfully so.
here is the news article which catalyzed it (which i'd felt this to be the truth from the beginning): click here

i have to wonder though, in these times, how many really have the strength it is going to take to get thru this, to transform the darkness by bringing it back into the light.
remember the judeo-christian tradition, the falling of lucifer was one of separation from the one, not from yahweh, the great deceiver & genocidal maniac who pretended to be god, but from the one that is all things.
The only path to truth is through the reintegration of the luciferian way back into the one, bringing those who feel separate back into advaita, the concept of being connected to the divine, and that there is absolute freedom in this, as it is an infinite expression with no limits.
matter of fact, the luciferians are NOT separate from god, matter of fact, they are merely expressing one aspect of the one.
it is this illusion, delusion, that they are separate or must be separate that thrusts them forward on their misguided mission to control all that is.
don't underestimate this...
they want to control EVERYTHING!
everything as property, including the weather! control of all aspects of the material world.
this is nothing more than the absolute worship of the ego, the false self.
it is the most faithless, cowardly way of being, yet those that act in this manner consider themselves to be the strongest of the strong.

although i do not really like the idea, maybe it is time to pay attention to that oh so unpleasant discourse between Krishna & Arjuna on the battlefields of the Mahabharata.

at what point do those on the side of the light decide that we too must use the dark night in order to keep those who wish to enslave the world at bay?
more importantly, will you recognize that the side which portrays itself as the righteous is just like the empire of Star Wars? that it guides both sides for its own agenda? that the entire conflict is manufactured towards a specific goal, namely a globalized state of total control & a manufactured, homogeneous & enslaving culture & civilization?
unless we recognize this, plurality will be suppressed, which MUST lead directly to evolutionary catastrophe, as diversity is the only thing which ensures survival.

right here, right now, i will give a way out to those who wish to control, a way in which they need not change.
get off my planet.
if you wish to completely control everything around you & live in a virtual world, then create it in space.
you have no right to take over a planet.
you have no right to determine the fate of a living system, i.e. a planet.
if you refuse to live in symbiosis with it, you should be thrown offworld.

so, for those of you that have gotten this far in the post, i say to you, inquire in the following & you will see the truth if you are willing to simply open your eyes.
ask about the multitudes of dead microbiologists, ask about the Codex standard which will take away your right to purchase vitamins & herbs freely, ask about terminator seed technologies, ask about chemtrails & weather modification, ask about HAARP, ask about our true origins, ask about planet x, ask about the reptilians, the dracos, the annunaki, enki, enlil, the whole bunch...
understand that the weird stuff can be understood as a metaphor in order to understand what is meant, you do not have to believe it to be reality.
look around you.
you pretend that you have real freedom, that it will always be so.
but you have NEVER had it.
it must be cultivated.
if you believe what you were told to believe when you were a child, you have no belief, you have a program. you did not choose it, it was chosen for you & imposed upon you.
no one can have authentic beliefs unless they have come to them of their own accord.
otherwise, they are false, inauthentic, and a form of enslavement.

there, i've vented, i've stated maybe too much.
my biggest question to you and to myself is this:
Will we be willing to drop our obsession with self entertainment when we are called to action? and how long exactly do we plan to wait?

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Since my last post, things have been going wonderfully with unpredictable new additions to my life.
I have to say that my MySpace music page has been good to me.
rarely do i ever send out friend requests, but somehow, the coolest people manage to find me.
most recently C from NY who simply rocks. we've had a few nice chats & I'm quite enjoying it.

Last night i recorded my first mix with Traktor DJ Studio. still need to clean up some transitions & possibly swap out a song, but it's soundin like i have a solid first set.

ok. back to work, more later.....

Saturday, July 16, 2005


I did a google image search for "control all life" just to see what would randomly come up.
I've been doin a lot of google image searching for images for my posts.
it's so interesting what will come up.
so, i ask you...
Why do Frito Lay Natural Cheetos come up when I'm searching for "control all life"?

today I'm going to check out the Intonation Music Festival.
should be fun!
hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2005

embrace the everchanging

"If you take the responsibility for your life you can start changing it.
Slow will be the change, only in the course of time
will you start moving into the world of light and crystallization,
but once you are crystallized you will know what real revolution is.
Then share your revolution with others;
it has to go that way,
from heart to heart."

ah yes....patience.
so easy to get in a hurry, to think it all has to happen now.

when one takes responsibility for their life, blame falls away, and so does victimhood.
we can start to see that we play as much of a part in allowing ourselves to be in life situations that cause what we consider to be antagonistic occurences.
we let the waves roll over us, embracing us,
knowing full well that we could be swept out to sea.
we could be struck by unseen dangers.
it's no fun to stay on dry land while the opportunity exists to swim freely & boyantly.
take part! live a little!
heck, live a LOT!
don't be afraid to get hurt a little.
it's all worth it.
it's all part of the journey.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


I've started to watch the star wars stories in order...
watched phantom menace last night.
there's a topic I'm going to explore - starting with the midichlorians, and possibly moving into a rather in depth analysis of the whole series.

i'll keep ya updated

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

your judgement is unbecoming of you

mosaic window by Gina Lake (click image to go to her site)

In life nothing is permanent, nothing can be permanent.
It is not within your hands to make anything permanent.
Only dead things can be permanent.
The more living a thing is,
the more fleeting.

you cannot legislate authenticity.
it can only be born of personal growth.
you can only legislate deception & repression,
making people live false lives of nonexpression instead of giving them the proper tools to work through the life lessons they are learning.

you cannot control life it is not programmable.
it is a dance, unpredictable, ever flowing, moving, and changing.

if this is what life is, how can there be any laws?
i like the idea of habits.
Rupert Sheldrake's work on this is wonderful & fun.

the west has lost patience & the ability to see changes that occur over long spans of time.
this is funny considering the self righteousness of evolutionists.

how many of them actually consider the fact that as far as their personal knowledge is concerned on the subject, they are basically following a priestly caste of the scientific community?
that the scientific journals are no more than scripture?
do not misunderstand me, pure science is vital.
it is the structure that has arisen that i am refering to, a structure of coercion & the language of half truths.
listen to how scientists relate their knowledge to the public & you will see that they are but children.
even listen to someone like a michio kaku and you will hear such immense arrogance & self assuredness.
it is as if they believe they are the gatekeepers.
i understand that a certain amount of resolve, of belief in what one is doing is needed in order to move forward into these studies, these experiments. but that is where it should end. it should not follow into the realm of expressing the ideas to the public at large. it is a misguided use of language & ideas.

they seem to be as hungry to control the minds of humanity as the worst priests & magicians of in all of history.
(how many of you are aware that many of the oracles of early western civilization used messenger pigeons in order to know very early what had happened far away?
that this was their psychic vision?)
too many want to keep the veil over your eyes.

they are ruled by their egos.
they do not use the language of pure science in explaining themselves. they use the language of absolutes.
the language of law.
the language of control.
this programs a particular mindset & belief structure.
it is coercive & meant to make things that are not absolute appear to be so.
How many of you are aware of the techniques used to extrapolate the evolution of primates & the supposed human heritage?
Do you know how the archeological finds were discovered?
how they were assembled?
how they were interpreted & what the belief system of the interpreters was?
How educated are you?
or do you simply take it on faith?
or is it maybe nothing more than a reactionary stance against creationism?
- as if there could only be the two possibilities!
how narrow minded can one be?
better yet, does it really even matter?
if so, why?
you probably cannot even recognize the truth about the present.

but go on making your wild assertions that what you believe is right,
that you are smarter than everyone else, that YOU know the truth,
because you can't be wrong, your whole sense of self worth is based on being right!

let it go.
there's no one way of knowing.
there are as many ways as there are manifestations.
you are not right, you are not wrong.
you simply are.
all of your mindsets, your firmly held beliefs are meant to keep you separate from everyone else, to cause division, heirarchy, exploitation, so that the few can continuously take advantage of the many.
drop being right & you can become free.

but to do this, one must have faith, something most find it hard to have.

why do you not trust life?
do you think you were born to be punished?
you were not.
you were born to create.
you are creation personified.
you are creator personified.
the separation is just an aesthetic quality, an illusion.
it is for us to play with, to be creative with.
it is life. it is god, it advaita.

dance with it. even if you're sitting.
and do not worry about tripping & falling
there are many ways to dance, and that may just be one of them!

for more on archeology & it's techniques, i highly recommend the book
Forbidden Archeology: the Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo & Richard L. Thompson.
it & it's companion book, which is about the criticism of the book (each book is two or three inches thick) go piece by piece through the various archeological finds & how the "data" or conclusions about each of them came into being. it takes a pure science look at bias & the process of acceptance within the scientific community.
it is a very interesting & worthwhile perspective to look into.

Monday, July 11, 2005

let it go with no worries

photo by Cindy Lowe
(click pic to go to her site)

"Love is not a quantity, it is a quality,
and a quality of a certain category that
grows by giving, and dies if you hold it.
If you are miserly about it, it dies.
So be really a spendthrift!
Don´t bother to whom"

This is how I love.
some cannot understand it - how one can give so freely.
it is something that one just does. it cannot be taught as much as it can be moved into.

In a culture where so much emphasis is placed on pairing up, it can be difficult & perplexing to be so loving.
One never knows how the people they love will respond.
While this isn't an important component in the actual giving, it is important when it comes to everyday life.
With so many people closed off, being loving becomes such a huge act of intimacy for most.
people tend to be private & protective these days. it's not surprising really , with the state of the world & all.
but it is a sad state of affairs.

We latch on to those which we find comfort in, in which we feel safety, love, a homey quality. We start to think tht there can be no other possibility other than this one "right here in front of me".
but then, years later, we look back & realize that there have been many more chances & expressions since then, that the entire world is open to us and there is no way to predict who or what will come our way.
sometimes we hold on too closely to things we should let go of. other times we do not pay enough attention to what we have.

All i can think to do is to throw it all to the wind.
each time I talk with the different women i have loved in my life, and yes, i am still in touch with the majority of them, I am reminded of how much we can resonate even when we are gone, no longer together.
It also reminds me that i must be doing at least something right because for the most part they all still care about me deeply, as I do for them as well.

One thing i've definitely come to terms with is that for right now I am not in a place of wanting or needing a pairing up.
it just is not for me at this moment...tomorrow may be different, i do not know.

I've felt some amazing things in life that i feel comepletely blessed to have felt & i thank each & every one of you for those experiences, for sharing with me.
it has been beautiful.

but it is time for me to rebuild..for me to "regrow my lillies" as stacie said last night.
She'd had a dream. in it i was upset about giving away my favorite lillies that i had spent a long time growing, nurturing, and i wanted them back so badly.
i felt that i had done the wrong thing by giving them away.
but they could not be returned, and they can never be.
I simply have to nurture & grow them again from seeds.

This struck me on so many levels about so many of my relationships.
how freely do i actually give?
why do i have such a problem accepting gifts in return?

As i move further into the weird ass mystical stage i'm in, I feel a deepening.
I understand myself & the entire world with so much more depth every day.
it's amazing, it's a gift.

I only hope that those i share with will always understand that i always care, I really am being honest, and that whether or not I'm around in person, I'm always around in spirit, as every one of you has a home in my heart, and there's more than enough room for many many more.

so let's have a party in there, huh?!
and don'tcha ever worry about me having a good time,
Seeing you flourish is all that i need.
i love you all.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


My movement into healthier food, the dropping of flesh, the eating of fresh greens from the garden, is already paying off.
I feel a lightness when i wake up in the morning.
it's refreshing.

It has also been saving me some money.
there is so much good food here in chicago that it;'s very easy to eat out all of the time, and i had been caught up in it.
mind you, i never would eat what is considered "fast food", but would rather eat a lot from local family owned ethnic restaurants.
but now i am putting myself squarely in control of my intake.

in other news, etc....
I know that i have been focusing mainly on the more mystical side of posting lately.
from a comment posted recently, it seems that some miss the whole soap opera of my interaction with the various females in my life.

well, all i can reallly say is that it's not really my focus right now.
I've been diving headfirst into my art, well, into my music actually, as i have not worked on visual art in almost a year now.

within the next few months, there will be a huge move forward with my music, including a website overhaul with teh addition of a whole lotta downloads & streams available for archived recordings, as well as the addition of a dj mixes section that i am hoping to update WEEKLY.

I've been obsesively playin around with the demo version of Traktor DJ Studio and just purchased the full version. so, once that arrives, i'm sure i'll be completely obsessed with it for a while.

on a different note, i went to the Art Institute yesterday with E. and we browsed thru the meso american, african and some of the japanese & chinese art which was mostly sculpture.

I find it interesting how much deeper my experience of these things is becoming as i expand more each year (or day or month, or moment).
i could recognize how the inner energies, the mindsets of the vairous regions influenced the subtleties of the art, especially when it came to african masks.
It seemed to me that teh masks from the central & more southern & eastern regions of africa had more lightness, more playfullness to them, while the ones from the east, from teh ivory coast, mali, nigeria, had an intense & disturbed darkeness to them. there was an anguish in them which was a bit uncomfortable.
For those that know their sub-saharan history or at least a little of it) this makes sense i would think. The western subsaharan lands were the home of some of the most diabolical tribe leaders, hording technologies such as ironworking so that they couls rukle with literally an iron fist. these were the cultures of africa that enslaved people before the whities ever showed up. the only african event that thier darkness pales in comparison to is the march westwards across teh south edge of the desert by the followers of allah who killed just about anyone in their path that did not convert to their beliefs.
i'm not sayin that to bash muslims, it's simply the truth.
every dogmatized religion has it's demonic fanatics.

this was very apparent when looking at the japanese buddhist art.
there is a comlete destruction of the teachings of gautam the buddha, who stood in opposition, who worked to drop teh heirarchiy of dieties which he found childish in the hindu beliefs. looking at how his sutras had been profaned, i realized that once again a priestly cast did their job of turning the words of an enlightened being into a form of reptilian brained enslavement.

it happens everywhere, even in egypt where the neters become worshiped as dieties when they were originally meant to be expressions of alcehmical principles.

in this way, and only in this way, do i almost come into agreement with atheism.
but atheism is still a little childish. i think it would more properly be expressed & lived as a-deism - not believing in DIETY. there is a huge difference between theism & deism. theism can exist & flourish without diety, without a need for a godhead, and it seems to me that this is the main problem that atheists actually have.
but if i get into that line of thought, this post will go on & on..,.so i'll leave that for another time. ;)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

heart of light

Judgment is ugly — it hurts people.
On the one hand you go on hurting them, and wounding them,
and on the other hand you want their love, their respect.
It is impossible.
You love them, respect them, and perhaps your love and respect may help them to change many of their weaknesses, many of their failures —
because love will give them new energy,
a new meaning, a new strength

It can be oh so difficult not to judge, especially in a time when it seems that so many are obsessed with taking advantage of others & being deeply rooted in the ego and in fear.
There are so many rules, laws, and cultural values that most of us use to create heirarchies, to determine the worth of others and their actions or non-actions, of their words and expressions.
Yet how many of us actually stop to enquire as to where those determining ideas come from, from whence were they birthed?
We continually deceive ourselves into believing that these values are determined by the WHOLE of cultures, of societies, but it is becoming exceedingly clear that this is NOT the case.

These values, these abstract principles, are determined and implemented by a select few that control the top end of cultural heirarchies. They determine the content of education, of the entertainment media, of commercialism & product development,of all cultural mythologies, etc.
You may say "wait,there are also those that work against it, or try to make a difference."
to this i say to you that yes there are those who WISH to do so, but have you asked yourself if these people have made any actual change?

How can a graphic designer who does ad design consider themselves to be politically active against the system when they are the very ones designing the images which are meant to create hunger, to make us feel intense desire, to make people ingest that which is designed to be like the worm on the hook? They feed the illusions that what we need for sustainence, for our very sense of wellbeing, is something that can be commodified & sold in the marketplace. They support the illusion that the right way to live is to purchase our personalities, our lifestyles, our very way of being.
and, truth be told, this is the most revealing thing, as it shows who the true god that these people worship is: economy, money, the abstracted ideal of worth, absolutely abstract judgementalism based on deceptive half truths about how natural systems work.

of course, there ARE those who are effective, but they rarely create in reference, in rebellion to something. They are usually visionary in nature and are being creative problem solvers. this means that while they may reference reality & nature, they do so without prejudice, in an amoral fashion and in order to develop in symbiosis with the natural systems of the world in which we currently reside.

With those that still live & create reactively, it is not that there are bad intentions, there is just sleep. a non awareness, a non recognition of cause & effect, of how one's addition to the "machine" or refusal to add into the "machine" can make or break a new cultural mythology.

it is very easy to judge, but this is never going to help the situation, it is not going to feed growth, but rather, it feeds entropy.

we all need to try to drop our judgement and start creating. when we judge, we cannot be authentic or real because we are living in response to something outside of ourselves rather than living a creative life.
this basically means that we are letting, and very possibly asking, for others to create our realities for us, for others to bear the weight of responsibility for the state of the world.

the way one lives & acts in the NOW, with every exchange, whether personal, spiritual, intellectual, commercial, sexual, etc., determines our current state of reality. we are all creating it together.
when we come to terms with this, we can begin to dance together, realizing that we all are simply learning, experimenting, practicing.
we are at our own personal place on the journey.
we should not judge each other for where we are, for how lost or found, for the variations in the infinite expressions of reality.

We may find that these people do not resonate the way we wish them to,
that they do not add the flavor to our lives that we seek,
yet we should not judge.
simply let them be & move on if you need to.
Throw a few seeds if you feel the need, leaving them with that person in order for them to grow when the time is ripe, but do not force that growth, it will only lead to dis-harmony, to dis-ease.

we should celebrate as each of us adds our own flavor to life.
we need the rotting stinkin manure as much as we need the clean pure water & light.
balance is the key. through balance, synergy can occur, and the one emerges from the polarity and only then can we truly experience the connections, the symbiosis in a way which permeates out entire being, our entire lives.

the more we express through the heart, the more love will be in the world.
only then will those who seek to control, to destroy, to be parasitic realize that they are still but children on the journey, and that this is perfectly OK.
they need the guidance of those who have moved beyond that moment in the journey.
understand this. it is the most important thing.

if you understand that a GW Bush is but a child, you can understand that he should not be given toys that destroy, for he does not yet have the wisdom to play with them in a way that will not harm others.
He has been given the wrong toys and put into the wrong classroom.
It may be even more correct to say that he has never had the master, the teacher, which he is so in need of. Instead, he hads been raised in a classroom, his family, which has had a very static, reptilian brained order which is to be strickly followed. He has been programmed at birth to be something other than his authentic self, so how could anyone expect him to act in a balanced, enlightened manner? he has experienced nothing but the opposite.

It is these families, the aristocracies, which are the most in need of us.
can you not see that they cannot survive without us?
we need to feed them more than the physical.
We need to develop our own wisdom & share it with them, guide them along the path.
otherwise, they will not break free from their self imposed slavery, for they have imposed a set of rules on themselves that will not let them explore beyond their rigid, draconian reality.

feel compassion for them, they suffer more than you know.
their actions are an avoidance of dealing with their own suffering.
they ppass it off to those whom they can spread it upon.
adding to the suffering of this aristocracy will do nothing more than create even MORE suffering.

do you think that hitting or yelling at a mad dog will make it stop being mad?

your hate, your judgement, feeds those who you see as your enemy.
you are one with them, opposites of a coin, thinking with the same minds.
let it go, love, and be free.

accept the suffering that must be passed through in order to heal.
only then can we move into harmony, into peace & love.

this does not mean accept things without working, without playing to change them.
it does not mean to go into a slumber, to wait for teh rewards of the afterlife.
move into awareness, into patience, into empathy, this is what i am saying.
stop waging war with life.
just have patience & understand the complexity of the journey.
then we can relax into it & not be so neurotic.
we can start to enjoy the journey.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

stand tall - be authentic

It is man´s privilege — only man´s privilege — to be alone, to stand against the whole world if he feels that he is with truth. If you feel that this is the way that leads to freedom, then accept any kind of responsibility. Then all those responsibilities are not going to be a burden on you. They are all going to make you more mature, more centered, more rooted, more of a beautiful individual." -osho

note: "man's privelege -only man's privelege" - this is not meant to exclude women, but to separate the ability of humans from that of animals.(and i find this to be a little troublesome as well...)
unfortunately, osho is limited by the language of the society in which he was raised (hindu/jainist). i did not want to alter the actual quote, but i feel it is better to replace man with "being" or "human being"

(to see the websource for the following, click on the tarot card above)


Samvedo, the secret is not much of a secret. It is an open secret... the true rebel has an understanding of the momentariness of life, of the certainty of death; hence nothing can make him afraid, nothing can make him compromise. In such a momentary life one is absolutely able to live without any compromise, and when death is certain, there is no need for compromise at all.

Because life is so short, the rebel can do whatever he is capable of with his total being, whatever he enjoys to create and whatever needs to be destroyed for that creation to happen. He is not destructive; even if he has to destroy it is always in the service of creation. And still he remains... because he is not a reactionary, he has no complaint against anybody; he remains playful, because all creativity is playfulness. He is non-serious, because seriousness is also part of the old man.

The new man, the rebel, has a tremendous sense of humor. He can laugh in the face of death. While living, while fighting, while creating or destroying, he is never serious, he is giggling with joy. He is not a miserable person -- that's what he is revolting against. He wants the whole world to be filled with laughter, he wants to create religions based on laughter as the most fundamental doctrine.

And what is there to be disturbed about -- even if the whole world is against you? It really makes you stronger, gives you more nourishment, because it strengthens your conclusions that whatever you are doing is a rebellious act. Otherwise, the whole world would not be against you.

The very beauty of being a rebel showers one with flowers, because by being a rebel you go to your ultimate heights and to your ultimate depths.

After many years, the ultra-orthodox sect had built their giant computer in Tel Aviv. It was light-years ahead of all other machines, and it had been invented for the purpose of answering one question only. So that fateful day, in fear and anticipation, the question was fed to the mechanical brain, "Is there a God?"

The computer flashed, whirled and out came the answer: "There is NOW."

The computer is declaring himself God! Now, do you want to take it seriously?

"Goldberg, is it true that you have joined the Catholic church?"
"Yes," said Goldberg, "I joined it last week."
"But," said his friend, "you have always been a Jewish rabbi!""I know," said Goldberg, "but I have only got six months to live and I thought if anybody has got to lose a member, it had better be those buggers."

Take life as a beautiful joke. There is nothing to be serious about.

The late, unlamented, Adolph Hitler was at one time troubled by unusual dreams. He sent for his dream interpreter, who told him the forecast that he would die on a Jewish holiday. "But which one?" asked the apprehensive Fuhrer.
"Any day you die will be a Jewish holiday," was the answer.

Just look around life. It is so ridiculous, so humorous. Only people who are blind can be serious; with eyes, it is impossible to be serious.

Harry was fixing his car outside his house. He had the hood off, the car up, and his head inside, when a drunk came by.
"What is the matter, old man?" the drunk asks Harry.
"Piston broke," said Harry.
"Ah," commiserated the drunk, "pissed and broke -- so am I, so am I."

Just be watchful, look all around and you will be surprised how many beautiful things you are missing.

"Harry," asks his wife, "if we had a four-minute nuclear warning, what would you do?"
"Make love to you," answered Harry.
"Yes," said his wife, "but what about the other three minutes?"

Okay, Maneesha?
Yes, Beloved Master.

here's a link for more on the Rebel as it relates to osho's concept of
Zorba the Buddha