Sunday, July 24, 2005

are you ready for the dark night?

well, I've kept the political & conspiracy posting to a minimum lately, but I've just gotta make a post about the latest London bullshit.

We have now seen the true colors of the future of the "anti-terrorist" New World Order agenda, and it includes cold blooded termination of innocents with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

I mean truly...think about if it was happening to YOU.
You are on the subway & you see someone running for the train.
Behind them are a bunch of people that you might assume to be plain clothes officers, but in no way shape or form are they identifiable as anything other than people with guns. Understand this fully. THEY FEEL NO NEED TO EVEN PROVE WHO THEY ARE TO YOU.

When they catch up with the individual running, two of them pin him down so that he cannot move, and then shoot him five times while he is utterly defenseless. No questions, no nothing, just outright blatant cold blooded murder.

For anyone that does not believe that this is the mindset of the whole show, you are going to have an unbelievably rude wake up call the day they come to your door, to your work, or hassle you in a public venue.
you are now officially the enemy of the state.

anyone that stands in their way is going to be dealt with with nothing but pure hate.

I firmly believe that this is the beginning of a state of being in the world which most are not at all prepared to believe to be reality.
a world where made up news is handed out free in front of mass transit stations, vanity becomes a focus point, and all the pussies that don't like what's happening start talking about fleeing.
well, guess what, there is not going to be anywhere to flee to ya idjuts.
this is it, the BIG SHOW.

You may not want to believe it, but this is the culmination of thousands of years of creating culture & civilization. It is a set up, designed to enslave the entirety of humanity.(if you do not believe this, trace the history of royal bloodlines.)
sound over the top? yeah it does.
but guess what, if we don't start to question it & work & play towards freedom RIGHT NOW, it's too late.
Those who are weak will be trampled.
those who stand tall are our only hope.
It would take days of writing to explain the whole scenario to you.
instead i will point you in a few directions.
some of you may have looked there, others refuse to go...
but the first thing you must do in order to move past your slavery, to be free from the prison , is to DROP YOUR LABEL.being a liberal is being an idiot, being a conservative is being an idiot, being political is being a slave.Politics was not created by or for the people. it was created in order to instill a sense of duty & action in the pople so that the illusion of democracy can be upheld.
and remember, freedom CANNOT come through equality. Equality only brings rules, regulations, and limitations tro those who would otherwise rise higher. let those that are capable of this expansion, of this growth,be the guides for those who would choose to have everyone remain mediocre. We all have the POTENTIAL to be equal, but never all at once. all reach the highest heights in their own time. equality must be born, grown & nurtured. It cannot be externally enforced.

only through individuality, through your own experienced truth,through your own blossoming into a greater, more expanded & empathic being will you be set free.

all groups, organizations, are corruptible, even more so that the individual.
get an individual into a large group & it's easy to make them believe & act in any way you want.
get people to sign a petition & give you money & you psychologically disarm them from taking direct action.
you are doing a disservice.

this is the darkest post i've made in quite awhile & rightfully so.
here is the news article which catalyzed it (which i'd felt this to be the truth from the beginning): click here

i have to wonder though, in these times, how many really have the strength it is going to take to get thru this, to transform the darkness by bringing it back into the light.
remember the judeo-christian tradition, the falling of lucifer was one of separation from the one, not from yahweh, the great deceiver & genocidal maniac who pretended to be god, but from the one that is all things.
The only path to truth is through the reintegration of the luciferian way back into the one, bringing those who feel separate back into advaita, the concept of being connected to the divine, and that there is absolute freedom in this, as it is an infinite expression with no limits.
matter of fact, the luciferians are NOT separate from god, matter of fact, they are merely expressing one aspect of the one.
it is this illusion, delusion, that they are separate or must be separate that thrusts them forward on their misguided mission to control all that is.
don't underestimate this...
they want to control EVERYTHING!
everything as property, including the weather! control of all aspects of the material world.
this is nothing more than the absolute worship of the ego, the false self.
it is the most faithless, cowardly way of being, yet those that act in this manner consider themselves to be the strongest of the strong.

although i do not really like the idea, maybe it is time to pay attention to that oh so unpleasant discourse between Krishna & Arjuna on the battlefields of the Mahabharata.

at what point do those on the side of the light decide that we too must use the dark night in order to keep those who wish to enslave the world at bay?
more importantly, will you recognize that the side which portrays itself as the righteous is just like the empire of Star Wars? that it guides both sides for its own agenda? that the entire conflict is manufactured towards a specific goal, namely a globalized state of total control & a manufactured, homogeneous & enslaving culture & civilization?
unless we recognize this, plurality will be suppressed, which MUST lead directly to evolutionary catastrophe, as diversity is the only thing which ensures survival.

right here, right now, i will give a way out to those who wish to control, a way in which they need not change.
get off my planet.
if you wish to completely control everything around you & live in a virtual world, then create it in space.
you have no right to take over a planet.
you have no right to determine the fate of a living system, i.e. a planet.
if you refuse to live in symbiosis with it, you should be thrown offworld.

so, for those of you that have gotten this far in the post, i say to you, inquire in the following & you will see the truth if you are willing to simply open your eyes.
ask about the multitudes of dead microbiologists, ask about the Codex standard which will take away your right to purchase vitamins & herbs freely, ask about terminator seed technologies, ask about chemtrails & weather modification, ask about HAARP, ask about our true origins, ask about planet x, ask about the reptilians, the dracos, the annunaki, enki, enlil, the whole bunch...
understand that the weird stuff can be understood as a metaphor in order to understand what is meant, you do not have to believe it to be reality.
look around you.
you pretend that you have real freedom, that it will always be so.
but you have NEVER had it.
it must be cultivated.
if you believe what you were told to believe when you were a child, you have no belief, you have a program. you did not choose it, it was chosen for you & imposed upon you.
no one can have authentic beliefs unless they have come to them of their own accord.
otherwise, they are false, inauthentic, and a form of enslavement.

there, i've vented, i've stated maybe too much.
my biggest question to you and to myself is this:
Will we be willing to drop our obsession with self entertainment when we are called to action? and how long exactly do we plan to wait?

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