Sunday, July 10, 2005


My movement into healthier food, the dropping of flesh, the eating of fresh greens from the garden, is already paying off.
I feel a lightness when i wake up in the morning.
it's refreshing.

It has also been saving me some money.
there is so much good food here in chicago that it;'s very easy to eat out all of the time, and i had been caught up in it.
mind you, i never would eat what is considered "fast food", but would rather eat a lot from local family owned ethnic restaurants.
but now i am putting myself squarely in control of my intake.

in other news, etc....
I know that i have been focusing mainly on the more mystical side of posting lately.
from a comment posted recently, it seems that some miss the whole soap opera of my interaction with the various females in my life.

well, all i can reallly say is that it's not really my focus right now.
I've been diving headfirst into my art, well, into my music actually, as i have not worked on visual art in almost a year now.

within the next few months, there will be a huge move forward with my music, including a website overhaul with teh addition of a whole lotta downloads & streams available for archived recordings, as well as the addition of a dj mixes section that i am hoping to update WEEKLY.

I've been obsesively playin around with the demo version of Traktor DJ Studio and just purchased the full version. so, once that arrives, i'm sure i'll be completely obsessed with it for a while.

on a different note, i went to the Art Institute yesterday with E. and we browsed thru the meso american, african and some of the japanese & chinese art which was mostly sculpture.

I find it interesting how much deeper my experience of these things is becoming as i expand more each year (or day or month, or moment).
i could recognize how the inner energies, the mindsets of the vairous regions influenced the subtleties of the art, especially when it came to african masks.
It seemed to me that teh masks from the central & more southern & eastern regions of africa had more lightness, more playfullness to them, while the ones from the east, from teh ivory coast, mali, nigeria, had an intense & disturbed darkeness to them. there was an anguish in them which was a bit uncomfortable.
For those that know their sub-saharan history or at least a little of it) this makes sense i would think. The western subsaharan lands were the home of some of the most diabolical tribe leaders, hording technologies such as ironworking so that they couls rukle with literally an iron fist. these were the cultures of africa that enslaved people before the whities ever showed up. the only african event that thier darkness pales in comparison to is the march westwards across teh south edge of the desert by the followers of allah who killed just about anyone in their path that did not convert to their beliefs.
i'm not sayin that to bash muslims, it's simply the truth.
every dogmatized religion has it's demonic fanatics.

this was very apparent when looking at the japanese buddhist art.
there is a comlete destruction of the teachings of gautam the buddha, who stood in opposition, who worked to drop teh heirarchiy of dieties which he found childish in the hindu beliefs. looking at how his sutras had been profaned, i realized that once again a priestly cast did their job of turning the words of an enlightened being into a form of reptilian brained enslavement.

it happens everywhere, even in egypt where the neters become worshiped as dieties when they were originally meant to be expressions of alcehmical principles.

in this way, and only in this way, do i almost come into agreement with atheism.
but atheism is still a little childish. i think it would more properly be expressed & lived as a-deism - not believing in DIETY. there is a huge difference between theism & deism. theism can exist & flourish without diety, without a need for a godhead, and it seems to me that this is the main problem that atheists actually have.
but if i get into that line of thought, this post will go on & on..,.so i'll leave that for another time. ;)

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