Wednesday, July 06, 2005

heart of light

Judgment is ugly — it hurts people.
On the one hand you go on hurting them, and wounding them,
and on the other hand you want their love, their respect.
It is impossible.
You love them, respect them, and perhaps your love and respect may help them to change many of their weaknesses, many of their failures —
because love will give them new energy,
a new meaning, a new strength

It can be oh so difficult not to judge, especially in a time when it seems that so many are obsessed with taking advantage of others & being deeply rooted in the ego and in fear.
There are so many rules, laws, and cultural values that most of us use to create heirarchies, to determine the worth of others and their actions or non-actions, of their words and expressions.
Yet how many of us actually stop to enquire as to where those determining ideas come from, from whence were they birthed?
We continually deceive ourselves into believing that these values are determined by the WHOLE of cultures, of societies, but it is becoming exceedingly clear that this is NOT the case.

These values, these abstract principles, are determined and implemented by a select few that control the top end of cultural heirarchies. They determine the content of education, of the entertainment media, of commercialism & product development,of all cultural mythologies, etc.
You may say "wait,there are also those that work against it, or try to make a difference."
to this i say to you that yes there are those who WISH to do so, but have you asked yourself if these people have made any actual change?

How can a graphic designer who does ad design consider themselves to be politically active against the system when they are the very ones designing the images which are meant to create hunger, to make us feel intense desire, to make people ingest that which is designed to be like the worm on the hook? They feed the illusions that what we need for sustainence, for our very sense of wellbeing, is something that can be commodified & sold in the marketplace. They support the illusion that the right way to live is to purchase our personalities, our lifestyles, our very way of being.
and, truth be told, this is the most revealing thing, as it shows who the true god that these people worship is: economy, money, the abstracted ideal of worth, absolutely abstract judgementalism based on deceptive half truths about how natural systems work.

of course, there ARE those who are effective, but they rarely create in reference, in rebellion to something. They are usually visionary in nature and are being creative problem solvers. this means that while they may reference reality & nature, they do so without prejudice, in an amoral fashion and in order to develop in symbiosis with the natural systems of the world in which we currently reside.

With those that still live & create reactively, it is not that there are bad intentions, there is just sleep. a non awareness, a non recognition of cause & effect, of how one's addition to the "machine" or refusal to add into the "machine" can make or break a new cultural mythology.

it is very easy to judge, but this is never going to help the situation, it is not going to feed growth, but rather, it feeds entropy.

we all need to try to drop our judgement and start creating. when we judge, we cannot be authentic or real because we are living in response to something outside of ourselves rather than living a creative life.
this basically means that we are letting, and very possibly asking, for others to create our realities for us, for others to bear the weight of responsibility for the state of the world.

the way one lives & acts in the NOW, with every exchange, whether personal, spiritual, intellectual, commercial, sexual, etc., determines our current state of reality. we are all creating it together.
when we come to terms with this, we can begin to dance together, realizing that we all are simply learning, experimenting, practicing.
we are at our own personal place on the journey.
we should not judge each other for where we are, for how lost or found, for the variations in the infinite expressions of reality.

We may find that these people do not resonate the way we wish them to,
that they do not add the flavor to our lives that we seek,
yet we should not judge.
simply let them be & move on if you need to.
Throw a few seeds if you feel the need, leaving them with that person in order for them to grow when the time is ripe, but do not force that growth, it will only lead to dis-harmony, to dis-ease.

we should celebrate as each of us adds our own flavor to life.
we need the rotting stinkin manure as much as we need the clean pure water & light.
balance is the key. through balance, synergy can occur, and the one emerges from the polarity and only then can we truly experience the connections, the symbiosis in a way which permeates out entire being, our entire lives.

the more we express through the heart, the more love will be in the world.
only then will those who seek to control, to destroy, to be parasitic realize that they are still but children on the journey, and that this is perfectly OK.
they need the guidance of those who have moved beyond that moment in the journey.
understand this. it is the most important thing.

if you understand that a GW Bush is but a child, you can understand that he should not be given toys that destroy, for he does not yet have the wisdom to play with them in a way that will not harm others.
He has been given the wrong toys and put into the wrong classroom.
It may be even more correct to say that he has never had the master, the teacher, which he is so in need of. Instead, he hads been raised in a classroom, his family, which has had a very static, reptilian brained order which is to be strickly followed. He has been programmed at birth to be something other than his authentic self, so how could anyone expect him to act in a balanced, enlightened manner? he has experienced nothing but the opposite.

It is these families, the aristocracies, which are the most in need of us.
can you not see that they cannot survive without us?
we need to feed them more than the physical.
We need to develop our own wisdom & share it with them, guide them along the path.
otherwise, they will not break free from their self imposed slavery, for they have imposed a set of rules on themselves that will not let them explore beyond their rigid, draconian reality.

feel compassion for them, they suffer more than you know.
their actions are an avoidance of dealing with their own suffering.
they ppass it off to those whom they can spread it upon.
adding to the suffering of this aristocracy will do nothing more than create even MORE suffering.

do you think that hitting or yelling at a mad dog will make it stop being mad?

your hate, your judgement, feeds those who you see as your enemy.
you are one with them, opposites of a coin, thinking with the same minds.
let it go, love, and be free.

accept the suffering that must be passed through in order to heal.
only then can we move into harmony, into peace & love.

this does not mean accept things without working, without playing to change them.
it does not mean to go into a slumber, to wait for teh rewards of the afterlife.
move into awareness, into patience, into empathy, this is what i am saying.
stop waging war with life.
just have patience & understand the complexity of the journey.
then we can relax into it & not be so neurotic.
we can start to enjoy the journey.

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