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stand tall - be authentic

It is man´s privilege — only man´s privilege — to be alone, to stand against the whole world if he feels that he is with truth. If you feel that this is the way that leads to freedom, then accept any kind of responsibility. Then all those responsibilities are not going to be a burden on you. They are all going to make you more mature, more centered, more rooted, more of a beautiful individual." -osho

note: "man's privelege -only man's privelege" - this is not meant to exclude women, but to separate the ability of humans from that of animals.(and i find this to be a little troublesome as well...)
unfortunately, osho is limited by the language of the society in which he was raised (hindu/jainist). i did not want to alter the actual quote, but i feel it is better to replace man with "being" or "human being"

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Samvedo, the secret is not much of a secret. It is an open secret... the true rebel has an understanding of the momentariness of life, of the certainty of death; hence nothing can make him afraid, nothing can make him compromise. In such a momentary life one is absolutely able to live without any compromise, and when death is certain, there is no need for compromise at all.

Because life is so short, the rebel can do whatever he is capable of with his total being, whatever he enjoys to create and whatever needs to be destroyed for that creation to happen. He is not destructive; even if he has to destroy it is always in the service of creation. And still he remains... because he is not a reactionary, he has no complaint against anybody; he remains playful, because all creativity is playfulness. He is non-serious, because seriousness is also part of the old man.

The new man, the rebel, has a tremendous sense of humor. He can laugh in the face of death. While living, while fighting, while creating or destroying, he is never serious, he is giggling with joy. He is not a miserable person -- that's what he is revolting against. He wants the whole world to be filled with laughter, he wants to create religions based on laughter as the most fundamental doctrine.

And what is there to be disturbed about -- even if the whole world is against you? It really makes you stronger, gives you more nourishment, because it strengthens your conclusions that whatever you are doing is a rebellious act. Otherwise, the whole world would not be against you.

The very beauty of being a rebel showers one with flowers, because by being a rebel you go to your ultimate heights and to your ultimate depths.

After many years, the ultra-orthodox sect had built their giant computer in Tel Aviv. It was light-years ahead of all other machines, and it had been invented for the purpose of answering one question only. So that fateful day, in fear and anticipation, the question was fed to the mechanical brain, "Is there a God?"

The computer flashed, whirled and out came the answer: "There is NOW."

The computer is declaring himself God! Now, do you want to take it seriously?

"Goldberg, is it true that you have joined the Catholic church?"
"Yes," said Goldberg, "I joined it last week."
"But," said his friend, "you have always been a Jewish rabbi!""I know," said Goldberg, "but I have only got six months to live and I thought if anybody has got to lose a member, it had better be those buggers."

Take life as a beautiful joke. There is nothing to be serious about.

The late, unlamented, Adolph Hitler was at one time troubled by unusual dreams. He sent for his dream interpreter, who told him the forecast that he would die on a Jewish holiday. "But which one?" asked the apprehensive Fuhrer.
"Any day you die will be a Jewish holiday," was the answer.

Just look around life. It is so ridiculous, so humorous. Only people who are blind can be serious; with eyes, it is impossible to be serious.

Harry was fixing his car outside his house. He had the hood off, the car up, and his head inside, when a drunk came by.
"What is the matter, old man?" the drunk asks Harry.
"Piston broke," said Harry.
"Ah," commiserated the drunk, "pissed and broke -- so am I, so am I."

Just be watchful, look all around and you will be surprised how many beautiful things you are missing.

"Harry," asks his wife, "if we had a four-minute nuclear warning, what would you do?"
"Make love to you," answered Harry.
"Yes," said his wife, "but what about the other three minutes?"

Okay, Maneesha?
Yes, Beloved Master.

here's a link for more on the Rebel as it relates to osho's concept of
Zorba the Buddha

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