Tuesday, July 12, 2005

your judgement is unbecoming of you

mosaic window by Gina Lake (click image to go to her site)

In life nothing is permanent, nothing can be permanent.
It is not within your hands to make anything permanent.
Only dead things can be permanent.
The more living a thing is,
the more fleeting.

you cannot legislate authenticity.
it can only be born of personal growth.
you can only legislate deception & repression,
making people live false lives of nonexpression instead of giving them the proper tools to work through the life lessons they are learning.

you cannot control life it is not programmable.
it is a dance, unpredictable, ever flowing, moving, and changing.

if this is what life is, how can there be any laws?
i like the idea of habits.
Rupert Sheldrake's work on this is wonderful & fun.

the west has lost patience & the ability to see changes that occur over long spans of time.
this is funny considering the self righteousness of evolutionists.

how many of them actually consider the fact that as far as their personal knowledge is concerned on the subject, they are basically following a priestly caste of the scientific community?
that the scientific journals are no more than scripture?
do not misunderstand me, pure science is vital.
it is the structure that has arisen that i am refering to, a structure of coercion & the language of half truths.
listen to how scientists relate their knowledge to the public & you will see that they are but children.
even listen to someone like a michio kaku and you will hear such immense arrogance & self assuredness.
it is as if they believe they are the gatekeepers.
i understand that a certain amount of resolve, of belief in what one is doing is needed in order to move forward into these studies, these experiments. but that is where it should end. it should not follow into the realm of expressing the ideas to the public at large. it is a misguided use of language & ideas.

they seem to be as hungry to control the minds of humanity as the worst priests & magicians of in all of history.
(how many of you are aware that many of the oracles of early western civilization used messenger pigeons in order to know very early what had happened far away?
that this was their psychic vision?)
too many want to keep the veil over your eyes.

they are ruled by their egos.
they do not use the language of pure science in explaining themselves. they use the language of absolutes.
the language of law.
the language of control.
this programs a particular mindset & belief structure.
it is coercive & meant to make things that are not absolute appear to be so.
How many of you are aware of the techniques used to extrapolate the evolution of primates & the supposed human heritage?
Do you know how the archeological finds were discovered?
how they were assembled?
how they were interpreted & what the belief system of the interpreters was?
How educated are you?
or do you simply take it on faith?
or is it maybe nothing more than a reactionary stance against creationism?
- as if there could only be the two possibilities!
how narrow minded can one be?
better yet, does it really even matter?
if so, why?
you probably cannot even recognize the truth about the present.

but go on making your wild assertions that what you believe is right,
that you are smarter than everyone else, that YOU know the truth,
because you can't be wrong, your whole sense of self worth is based on being right!

let it go.
there's no one way of knowing.
there are as many ways as there are manifestations.
you are not right, you are not wrong.
you simply are.
all of your mindsets, your firmly held beliefs are meant to keep you separate from everyone else, to cause division, heirarchy, exploitation, so that the few can continuously take advantage of the many.
drop being right & you can become free.

but to do this, one must have faith, something most find it hard to have.

why do you not trust life?
do you think you were born to be punished?
you were not.
you were born to create.
you are creation personified.
you are creator personified.
the separation is just an aesthetic quality, an illusion.
it is for us to play with, to be creative with.
it is life. it is god, it advaita.

dance with it. even if you're sitting.
and do not worry about tripping & falling
there are many ways to dance, and that may just be one of them!

for more on archeology & it's techniques, i highly recommend the book
Forbidden Archeology: the Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo & Richard L. Thompson.
it & it's companion book, which is about the criticism of the book (each book is two or three inches thick) go piece by piece through the various archeological finds & how the "data" or conclusions about each of them came into being. it takes a pure science look at bias & the process of acceptance within the scientific community.
it is a very interesting & worthwhile perspective to look into.

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