Wednesday, August 31, 2005

what gives?

ok, so i sit here watching CNN coverage of new orleans and....
well, i'm hearing something that seems a bit stupid to me.
They are trying to stop looting, while at the same time saying that there is no food or supplies.
what they heck do you think people are looting for?
let's see...why don't we let everything rot in the stores...or maybe just let it sit there for a few months getting ruined so that someone can claim it as property.
pardon me, but i think that the survival of those that are still there is a whole lot more inportant than maintaining some bullshit capitalist notion of property while people are suffering & needing supplies & a way out.
now, saying this, i'm not ignoring the fact that there are probably some selfish screwheads out there that are wanting to steal non survival items, but, hey, remember...they can't really take them anywhere, so what's it matter?
an item under water is an item under water no matter where is is in locality.
Lives are the only things that should matter.
if there is going to be ANY concentration on physical items, it should be on collecting all of the most toxic things that are going to harm the ecosystem by being introduced.
i mean, we've already pretty much killed the gulf of mexico.

to hell with property. let people take what they need to survive until they can get outa that place.

could this be our first big test of how we deal with increasing earth changes?
will we learn the lessons we need to? (like not to build a city in a bowl next to a major body of water?)

my heart is with everyone effected & in this event.
may existence be with you in your time of need.

Monday, August 29, 2005


what a morning...katrina hittin N.O.
and i find out that one of the best guys here at work got his head cracked open by a mugger with a baseball bat this weekend. sigh.
I ws short on the phone with C today too, as she was seeking a sympathetic ear about the destruction of so much beauty down in N.O.
i wasn't very sensitive, with all of the stuff on my mind, to tell ya the truth, i didn't really give a shit about a bunch of buildings in comparison with having someone that i know laid up in the hospital in god know;s what condition.
but i did not have a chance to even tell her about that, so i simply came across as insensitive, i'm sure.

as for the rest of the weekend, it was interesting & a nice surprise.
had a couple of awesome dinners with bob & co. including a trip to chinatown & to libertyville.
he's doing a taping of "check , please" today & reviewing the dinners.
he's also going to have a national news story done on the chinese language program that he is heading.
too cool.

spent sunday worling on music & watching a Celebrity Fit Club 2 marathon.
makes me wanna get in shape seein that bunch gettin discipline.
gotta say that i am a little enamored with tocarra jones right about now. hehe.
what a sweet smile.
and what a bunch that is on that show!

the garden is producing lots of grape tomatoes & a few romas. cukes too.
i've been feelin a little lazy about goin out there & watering it though.

just finished the rajneesh book on Krishna & i think it's the best one i've read yet. the last bit is from the first time he gave witness to sannyas.
very good stuff.

i feel like taking a nap.
too bad i've gota work some more...
oh least i still have a home.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

osho makes me laugh

so many ways in which this freako enriches my life.
wish he were still enbodied so i could meet him.
then again...i feel like i already know him intimately.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

imitation as the ultimate crime

The following is an excerpt from
"Krishna, The Man and His Philosophy"
by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka osho)

"... Imitation in itself is unnatural and ugly and wrong.
In this whole world no two persons are alike, the same; they cannot be.
Each person is different, unique, and incomparable. There is no way to compare you with any other person in the whole world. You are like you; you are you.
Never a person like you has happened in the long past of mankind, and never one like you is going to happen again in the future.
God is a creator; he is creativity itself; he is always original, and whatever he creates is original.
He never makes a carbon copy; he has no use for carbon papers in the whole process of creation.
He never repeats; you cannot accuse him of repetition.
And therefore,
if you deny your individuality and try to follow and be like somebody else, you are violating the fundamental law of life.
Imitation is a crime against God.

He made you an individual and you are trying to be somebody's copy.
he gave you individuality, and you are trying to impose somebody else's personality on yourself, an alien personality.
This is the basic fear and fundamental problem of our life.

Up to now all religions of the world have taught imitation.
Parents and teachers all over the world exhort young men and women from their early childhood to be like others; they never ask them to be like themselves, to be themselves.
They insist to you, "Be like Krishna, Christ or Buddha, but never commit the mistake of being like yourself."
How is it that all educational institutions in the world teach you to be imitators and they never ask you to be yourself?

There are good reasons for it.
The most important reason is that if everyone becomes himself, he will be a free individual, a rebel - not a conformist, a camp follower.
He will be a danger to the institutions of parents, teachers, priests, managers of society, and to society itself.
Every society is afraid of non-conformists and rebels. It honors the conformists, the yes-sayers.
That is why everybody, from the president down to the parents pressures children, with one voice, to be followers, imitators.
Otherwise they can't be certain who will turn into what.

There is no danger if you become like Rama, because everything about Rama is known, what he does and what he does not do. He is predictable.
And if you become another Rama you will be as predictable, and society will know what you are going to do. And if you deviate from the outlined path they will declare you an outlaw and punish you.

If everyone is allowed to be himself, then it will be difficult to say what is right and what is wrong, what is virtue and what is sin.
Therefore the society wants you to fit into its well-defined patterns and clear-cut molds.
It does not care if by this effort your individuality is destroyed, your life is ruined, and your soul is impoverished.
Its sole concern is to turn men into machines so that the status quo is maintained at any cost.

It seems man lives for society, society does not exist for man.
The individual has no importance; he is just a cog in the societal machine.
It seems education is not meant for man; on the contrary, man is meant for education, for being educated the way the society wants.
It seems tenets and doctrines are not made to serve man; on the contrary, man is born in the service of tenets and doctrines.
It seems religion is not for man; man is for religion.
It is ironic that man is not an end unto himself, he is just a means.
And things that are meant to be means have become ends unto themselves.
This is the danger. This is the curse of imitation, that man has been reduced into a thing, a non-entity.

Imitation is destructive, it kills the individual.
And this danger is inner, spiritual; it is not circumstantial.
It is a kind of slow poisoning.
Whether you imitate Krishna or Buddha, it makes no difference; all imitation is suicidal.

There is no mold, no pattern, no type into which man can be fitted.
Every person is a unique and different individual, and he is meant to be himself.
It is his freedom, his birthright."

new song

well, i just posted the first song that i made with the toy that is pictured in the last post. it's on my myspace page here
a tasty mid tempo electro funk treat.
i apologies to maestro vibert for the unintended aping!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

drivin life

a thought....

The Ego is a component, one element of the vehicle, not the driver.
it may serve a very important purpose during certain maneuvers,
but it does not determine where & how the vehicle travels.
It is merely an ally in the process...
kinda like power steering.
the same could be said for the mind.
it is like the "brainbox" of the car.
it may keep the electrical systems running,
all of the cylinders firing,
but it alone is not in control,
it in turn is being controlled by the driver,
which is "beyond" it.
and the driver, in turn, is separate from the vehicle,
entering & exiting it as needed.
together all of the components mesh in a synthesis.
this synthesis allows action, motion, time/space changes
and the ability to experience all of these things.
but we should never forget that the driver is not the vehicle.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Just a quick one today to let y'all know that i just posted a rough version of my newest song over on my Myspace music page.
You can both stream it and download it.
here's the link
the song will auto start & there are controls on the player.

Monday, August 01, 2005


I've been takin some time off from the mind and all of that & concentrating on the garden, making music, mixin songs, and to tell ya the truth, I've been playin a lot of Star Wars Battlefront.
gotta have some fun, ya know?

I seem to be heading into a very lucrative time of my life, that's for sure.
unexpected messages from unknown people...all good, all inspiring.
it's truly amazing how this internet thingy can really connect people that are far away from each other.
for those that get all bent out of shape about it not being in the flesh, i say to you...PLURALISM!
this isn't taking away that possibiity, but helping it grow more expansive.
we get to explore a bit more, exchange idea, creations, etc.
it's wonderful and I'm lovin it.

I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to manage to upgrade my computer world.
my old first gen snow ibook is just not cutting it for the musical app's. matter of fact, neither is my graphite era 500Mhz G4 desktop.
If I'm really gonna get serious about my music, I'm gonna have to invest, and I hate spending that much money.
even more than that, i hate debt, and there is no way that i can afford to get the kind of powerbook I'd need to do the job by paying for it upfront in cash.
ya see...i don't do credit cards. I have a prepaid that acts like a debit card, and i got that simply to make my life easier when it comes to online stuff.
and let me tell you, it's made things a LOT easier.
I gues at some point I'll end up getting a CC again, but I'm not looking forward to it.
I don't like banks. they are sinister, the most sinister of ALL institutions.
if you want to know why i believe this, simply educate yourself about fiat lending...they only actually have 10% of anything they loan, which means that 90% of what you borrow is created out of thin air.
think about that...i mean...really think about that...
that means that, not including interest, 90% of what a bank gets paid back on loans was nothing more than numbers punched into a computer.
but ya better believe that if you do not pay it back, they will take REAL physical wealth, such as property.
it's a black hole. there is NEVER more coming out of a bank than there is coming in.
once again, think about means that banks are designed to collect all of the assets of a culture. they are eating machines.
it's a real pain in the ass not liking or wanting to use banks, that's for sure.

I suppose I'm gonna have to do that too at some point.
especially if I'm gonna start traveling more, which is something tht i am feelin comin into my life.
Invites keep coming in.
I feel like I am becoming internationsl without even having to leave my home...yet another interesting aspect of the wired world.

all i know is that these are damn interesting times we're livin in.