Tuesday, August 09, 2005

drivin life

a thought....

The Ego is a component, one element of the vehicle, not the driver.
it may serve a very important purpose during certain maneuvers,
but it does not determine where & how the vehicle travels.
It is merely an ally in the process...
kinda like power steering.
the same could be said for the mind.
it is like the "brainbox" of the car.
it may keep the electrical systems running,
all of the cylinders firing,
but it alone is not in control,
it in turn is being controlled by the driver,
which is "beyond" it.
and the driver, in turn, is separate from the vehicle,
entering & exiting it as needed.
together all of the components mesh in a synthesis.
this synthesis allows action, motion, time/space changes
and the ability to experience all of these things.
but we should never forget that the driver is not the vehicle.

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