Monday, August 29, 2005


what a morning...katrina hittin N.O.
and i find out that one of the best guys here at work got his head cracked open by a mugger with a baseball bat this weekend. sigh.
I ws short on the phone with C today too, as she was seeking a sympathetic ear about the destruction of so much beauty down in N.O.
i wasn't very sensitive, with all of the stuff on my mind, to tell ya the truth, i didn't really give a shit about a bunch of buildings in comparison with having someone that i know laid up in the hospital in god know;s what condition.
but i did not have a chance to even tell her about that, so i simply came across as insensitive, i'm sure.

as for the rest of the weekend, it was interesting & a nice surprise.
had a couple of awesome dinners with bob & co. including a trip to chinatown & to libertyville.
he's doing a taping of "check , please" today & reviewing the dinners.
he's also going to have a national news story done on the chinese language program that he is heading.
too cool.

spent sunday worling on music & watching a Celebrity Fit Club 2 marathon.
makes me wanna get in shape seein that bunch gettin discipline.
gotta say that i am a little enamored with tocarra jones right about now. hehe.
what a sweet smile.
and what a bunch that is on that show!

the garden is producing lots of grape tomatoes & a few romas. cukes too.
i've been feelin a little lazy about goin out there & watering it though.

just finished the rajneesh book on Krishna & i think it's the best one i've read yet. the last bit is from the first time he gave witness to sannyas.
very good stuff.

i feel like taking a nap.
too bad i've gota work some more...
oh least i still have a home.

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