Wednesday, August 31, 2005

what gives?

ok, so i sit here watching CNN coverage of new orleans and....
well, i'm hearing something that seems a bit stupid to me.
They are trying to stop looting, while at the same time saying that there is no food or supplies.
what they heck do you think people are looting for?
let's see...why don't we let everything rot in the stores...or maybe just let it sit there for a few months getting ruined so that someone can claim it as property.
pardon me, but i think that the survival of those that are still there is a whole lot more inportant than maintaining some bullshit capitalist notion of property while people are suffering & needing supplies & a way out.
now, saying this, i'm not ignoring the fact that there are probably some selfish screwheads out there that are wanting to steal non survival items, but, hey, remember...they can't really take them anywhere, so what's it matter?
an item under water is an item under water no matter where is is in locality.
Lives are the only things that should matter.
if there is going to be ANY concentration on physical items, it should be on collecting all of the most toxic things that are going to harm the ecosystem by being introduced.
i mean, we've already pretty much killed the gulf of mexico.

to hell with property. let people take what they need to survive until they can get outa that place.

could this be our first big test of how we deal with increasing earth changes?
will we learn the lessons we need to? (like not to build a city in a bowl next to a major body of water?)

my heart is with everyone effected & in this event.
may existence be with you in your time of need.


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  11. ted, if you think i'm a conservative you haven't read very deep into my blog!
    left & right , conservative & liberal are tags used as control mechanisms.
    i very much doubt that many conservatives consider YHWH a mass murderer & a great deceiver.
    I also do not believe in "family values" as families are designed to keep people separate & to stop cross pollination of thought & spiritforms so that negative programming & imprints can be passed on from generation to generation without being disturbed - which allows the elite to continue to manipulate & control the masses.
    do not misunderstand me though, the love that can exist within a family is not wrong. it is the limiting of this love to the family that is the problem.
    infinite connection , infinite love, adwaya, is the only truth. all else is simply perception - technology for experience.

  12. I agree about the looting, to an extent. It is also quite a study in human behavior to see people looting TV's and Playstations. Food, medicine, supplies...go nuts.

    However, that's not to say I think we should be using our police force to PROTECT Tv's from being stolen, I just find it interesting that is what some people take instead of food.

    Those people should just clear out the grocery stores as far as I'm concerned. Take waht you can get.

  13. yeah, kitten, it's definitely goofy that people are taking things that are so frivolous. shows just how entranced our culture is - like when i heard a woman on CNN actually say "I can't believe this happened in America. This kinda thing only happens in other countries. I just can't believe it." or something like that - not an exact quote but close enough. shows the general elitist and spoiled attitude of many Americans and how they are completelky and utterly disconnected from reality. This can be a HUGE wake up call if people will only open themselves to it. Intense & trying times almost always lead to huge blossoming of creativity & compassionatae action. let's hope that this is one of those times.

  14. I was thinking that this morning while watching the Today show...they had a tribute to the "refugees" in N.O. with Winton Marsalys playing his horn...was sad as hell and almost unbelieveable...
    I do not believe that world is coming to an end...
    As for the looting...what the hell...unless it's have no electricity, gas is getting ridiculous so chances of you piling your car with ain't going far...and where they hell are they keeping all this stuff?!? they are homeless, refugees?!!!...and I have to question the hell can we, the richest nation in the world have rufugees?!?

    sorry for the long ass