Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Well, spent the last 2 days helping stacie & thomas move things out of their apartment.
I took a lot of the furniture, which was weird, because I was actually moving it back into my home (I still live where we lived together for 5 years).
sitting that chest of drawers in the spot that it used to find its home in brought tears to my eyes.
so hard to say goodbye to her, I love her so much.
we've grown so damn close over the years.
closer now than ever.
yet here I was once again saying goodbye to her as she rode off in a taxi to the airport, on her way on the next journey.
I hope all goes well for them.
I wish them only the best.

yet deep inside, I know that I really wish she was here with me.

the stress of dealing with this all was made even worse by Margaret, who decided that I was way out of line for having the bench seat from the mini-van in the garage for a day (not in anyone's way, mind you). and besides this, she is blaming me for a roach problem that has developed in the back of the basement & in her apartment.
never mind that she said that she first saw them in her tub & sink (which points to entrance from the sewer), or that out of the "hundreds" she says she's killed, there have been all of 2, yes 2! in my apartment, one by the back door (wish is attached to the basement where she has been seeing them), and one on my counter already dead, right next to the back door.
there were many very frustrated & rather juvenile things that she wrote to me about it all basically saying that it would be my fault if the problem persists.
never mind that what she describes as things stored in the basement that could harbor them includes more of her stored things than mine.
something must be making her feel really out of control right now,cus she's on a self -righteous rampage.
I could go on & on but I will not, it's not worth the effort.
I'll just say that she has a real good knack for being bossy when she wants things her way but shirking responsibility when she does not want to deal with something.
makes me want to move.
very very frustrating.

but so far, today has been calm & quiet. It's been nice.
I hope the day stays that way.

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