Thursday, September 15, 2005

ready, set ,go!

and we're off...
more earthchanges & drastic weather rearing it's head.
get ready folks...
nature is gettin ready to smakc us & let us know that no matter what we may say or believe, we have NOT stepped free of evolution.
We are being shown just how poorly designed our way of life is.
it is not in tune with nature and the natural cycles, and since this is the case, we suffer & break instead of bend & dance.

in other news...
rockin a new iBook as of yesterday & am finally able to run my audio programs the wya they are supposed to run! whoohoo!
chose the iBook instead of powerbook for both cost effectiveness & ruggedness.
this means the following: new website design coming, dj mixes to be uploaded (finally!), and a basic movement forward on the digital creative front.

for now, it's back to work...

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