Sunday, October 16, 2005

it demands my attention

moving my thoughts into flesh.
rebuilding a positive relationship with my body, my vehicle for experience.
as I've moved ever further into the mystical, I've managed to neglect my health.
not completely, but i know that i definitely am not as healthy physically now as i was this time last year.
I was looking at pics side by side & thought DAMN! i look bloated!
it's teh jawline..shows there so much for me.
I have not walked this year like i have over the past few.
I did not even eat that much of what i grew in my garden, but rahter, gave most of it away.

amazing to me that i'm acting in this manner considering one of my good friends is a living example right in front of me, changing his diet & such & managing to lose a good deal of weight over the last year.
cellular memory is a bitch & i need to start reprogramming that shit!

Capoeira has raised it's head in my world again...will i answer the call?
i better! i need to!
i can thnk of nothing better to reconnect me with body, with movement, with life.
i have sat like a rock for too long.
contemplating, burning the inner fires yet not moving that energy outwards in to my physical world.
I think that newfound friends are having & will have a very positive influence in this new movement.

now if i can grow the balls to take action ;)
no more excuses.

why is i fear my own power so much?

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