Monday, November 14, 2005


many small things happenin...
been continuing to slowly work on the new painting.
been spending more time learning how to use Ableton Live & devise my new setup for making music.
speaking of music, i went to see jeremy ellis & john arnold at the Darkroom on friday & it was a great time.
always inspiring to watch them rock out on their MPC's. FREESTYLE!*wink to jeremy*
had a hard time getting myself to be motivated to go on my own, but glad i did, as within 15 minutes of getting there jeremy sat down next to me at the bar & we gt to chat for a bit & i gave him a cd.
having mostly been an outsider, a floater, never part of any particular scene, i'm amazed at how kidlike i sometimes feel when i get the chance to meet those who i like to think of as artistic peers.
i've been spendin too much time at home & not enough time socializing.
feelin a bit retarded in that way...lost social grace or something.
well, not really, but lost my sense, my awareness of the fact that i thrive in those situations if i simply loosen up.

not much else to report...lots of crushes (normal)... still reading lots of bhagwan/osho...
still wondering if i'll find someone willing to put up with a strange fellow such as myself ;^)
not worried about any of it.
just happy to be living & able to be, to express, to smile, and to be lucky enough to see the array of beautiful people that i see within a day.

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