Monday, November 28, 2005

our greatest tool

there is one and only one tool, one technology whichh takes so many forms which should be the central focus of our transformation of the current worldstate.
it is meditation.
if one learns to clear the mind, to drop everything, to enter into the state of "no-mind" if only even for a moment, one can learn how to drop all programming, and once we drop out programming, we can no longer be controlled.
we can begin to see through the veil, to see the type of subtle manipulations that occur, to move past having blind faith in anything and moving into an existential reality.
it does not matter whether one is liberal or conservative, right or left, siner or saint.
all of these definitions are falsities, they are masks, they are programs.
each of us as differentiated being has complete control over how we relate to the "other".
we choose how we relate to death, how we relate to birth, to creativity to everything!
the sooner we are capable of moving into this way of being, this natural ability, the sooner we can create visionary & cocreative communities rather than buy into the communities whihc have been designed & handed to us in the marketplace., given to us by the priests & politicians, by all of those who have weaseled their way towards the top of the pyramid.

we need a new type of hierarchy, one based on the tetrahedron rather than the square based pyramid.
no matter how much power any new age zealot wants to convince you that the "egyptian" square based pyramid produces, it is only in an extremely localized way.
when one moves into cosmic awareness, there is no longer an up or down, a top or bottom. these become completely irrelevant except in relation to other localized manifestation.
there is no top and bottom if there is no gravity!
so, if up and down , top and bottom, are situational, relative in nature, how can we ever even begin to believe that a structural system which is designed for specific reference (i.e. having an "up" and a "down" or "top" and "bottom") will work in a pluralistic society?
it cannot! EVER!
it is not designed by nature to do so!
it is designed as an exploitive device.

truly understand this...all of the politically minded out there that think that you can change things from within the system...
the system itself is evolutionarily flawed at it's very core. it CANNOT and WILL NOT survive.
it needs to be dropped.
nothing else will do.
many of us like to believe that civilization as we know it is so tremendously beautiful because it has allowed us to be still for longer times, to search more inwards. but this is totally untrue!
we must work MORE to survive & provide for ourselves within civilization than we ever would have had to as hunter gatherers.
we have created one of the most inefficient, non symbiotic ways of being possible.
i am not saying it is wrong, taht it shuld not have happened. that would be a waste of time & nothing but an act of egotism.
rather, the time has come to move beyond, to start to create & actualize a new way.
so many want the answer to be readymade - we are so incredibly programmed as consumers in that way!
but it cannot be readymade! life cannot be readymade!
it is a dance, an experiment, a work of art.
it is ok to make mistakes, to fail along the way - the key is to learn, to integrate yet remain vital & fresh.
the beauty is in teh recovery, in the dynamic that occurs when one learns how to recover & move on from the mistakes.
and this applies to all aspects of life.

we must loosen up. not be so serious, and not think that sitting around talking politics & social issues means anything because it is nothing more than hot wind.
it is our every action and interaction which matters most.
it is our expression of creativity, teh way we speak, the way we look, the wya we relate whcih matterrs most.
you can say things all day long - that is the realm of those who are more interested in being right, of being judged as holy or intelligent.
it is total fakery.
it is posing.

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