Saturday, December 10, 2005


It has been while since I've hit this thing up with a more philosophical post.
too long.
new inspiring insights, challenges, possibilities.
they can be overwhelming.

every once in awhile that wave of novelty comes crashing our way.
bringing the unexpected. But it isn't that the best things always come?
when least expected, emerging from the chaotic backgound noise of life.
visions manifesting.
we hold onto them inside, many times not preparing for the fact that they may emerge, manifesting into the greater reality.
then, all of a sudden, there it is.
right in front of you, and you are scared, because now there are no excuses.
the choice is right in front of you.
then the real questions arise.
are you really willing to play? To explore this new reality?
or are you going to turn your back & walk away?

so many times we all too readily move back into our own comfort zone, not wanting to disrupt the very things which have left us feeling dissatisfied to begin with.
so, our discontent continues, and we go on dreaming.
hoping that the next dream will become reality and then maybe yet again turning our backs on that one.
addicted to dreaming. Is this what we have become?
a culture that thinks that it never really deserves to manifest it's dreams?
that all we can have are the scattered remnants of them once they have been broken, smashed?
are we so addicted to our discontent?

breaking free, letting go, flowing, we are able to let these things manifest, to be what they are.
not to fight them, this is key.
being in charge will only destroy it.
control, ego, get in the way of manifestation, and in a way, are a distrust of life.
life supports life. It supports you & I if we let it.
if we open to it, surrender to it, allowing it to be free, natural.
once again I am brought back to the wave...
so many times I end up at this metaphor...
that life is an ocean, experiences the waves. There's no need to worry about controlling the wave, that is where surrender happens.
control, artistry, awareness is needed to ride the wave, and this can be done in whatever style the individual chooses, that which most suits the personality, the needs, and the path of the rider.
some get all tricky & cunning & have to be overly fancy, expressing all of the amazing tricks which they can perform.
others simply relax & ride longboard style, flowing, having a much more gentle relationship with the wave.
it's all good.
ride how you must.
but also remember that you are more than likely going to have to share the wave & be aware of those riding alongside of you.
there are going to be wipeouts, and you may even decide to ride in dangerous waters with more intense waves.
they key is simply to be prepared , centered, understanding that the eternal part of you, the part that is beyond pronouns & nouns, that is a verb, that is truly your becoming, that this is the heart of it all.
everything emanates from it, from this one that is beyond individuality.
we've each been given teh gift of individual expression. Not a true separation, but a chance to express the one in our own way.
life as art.
by expressing our own individual ways and being, we add to the fabric of the whole, or rather, reveal more of it as it is is beyond the individual.
the cosmic hologram.
everything everywhere at all times, ready to be revealed.
eyes to see. Ears to hear, touch to feel, breath of life.

as we move into the age of Aquarius, into the age if individuality, of liberty, of liberalism, we absolutely MUST first come to terms with the lessons of the piscean age.
too many are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Throwing out the connection of community, of group consciousness, of harmonic resonance between individuals, believing that it is slavery.
one can hardly blame this for occurring considering that the lesson must be learned within the context of Kali Yuga.
an age of resistance & disharmony, an age of an entropic resetting of the dials, so to speak.
The examples of pseudo christianity, nazism, and every other ego centered mass movement of psi and physical violence of this age leave a nasty taste.
but one needs to understand that these were not necessarily the only products of groupmind.
this is a point where i find the philosophies of those like Ayn Rand to be very childish & shallow.
i personally feel that Rand, an Aquarian herself, is a good example of an unawakened aquarian conciousness, or maybe a partially awakened one. being disconnected from the whole, obsessive about one's own personal truth & worshiping the ego as if it is god.
Being obsessed with their own correctness, there is a tendency to not see the underlying net, that which connects. It is overlooked completely.
Instead it is abandoned and rationality takes a totalitarian role, obliterating the subtleties of intuition, emotion, feeling. distrusting them, scorning them.
shallow, underdeveloped, and scared.
replacing these things with the principle of action for action's sake.
novelty for novelty's sake.

but always remember this.

this unawakened aquarian mindset holds on to negative aspects of that which came before in order to assert it's own dominance, it's need to be right.
the only reason it does this is because it is uncentered.
when centered, it truly can be the "fountainhead' , but it must be CENTERED and have moved BEYOND EGO ,
realizing that one is NOT the ego but that ego is a tool only,an inner technology of expression & interaction.
not something to be worshiped or put on a pedestal.
the true lesson & potential come when the individual expression of the aquarian mindset and the lessons of the piscean age are fully integrated BEFORE moving into the individualistic mindset.
there is a damn good reason why the lessons of the piscean age come before the aquarian one.
it is to avoid the pitfalls of the egoistic drive for dominance.

when the ego is not understood in a manner which makes it a tool rather than a god, horrible things occur.
the worst things come into being. and this is what has been happening all over the world as individuals who have not spent the time developing the connection to the greater world, to life, to the cosmos, heck, even to their neighbors, move forward forcefully into the world, demanding that their way of expression & being takes precedence.
if we are to avoid the fate of past civilizations this time around, we MUST integrate the empathy of the piscean mindset BEFORE moving into our individual pushes into the aquarian energy of individualization & plurality.
whenever these two principles are divorced from each other disaster is bound to occur.
and it is the child of the unawakened, unaware, non integrated being.
when the two are integrated, a new way is created from which flows forth a truly visionary, empathic, and collaborative reality. enlightened liberty.

we are a generation in transition, we can be the ones who lead this movement into the new world, birthing the new human.
we simply happened to be born at this time of intense novelty, catalytic reactions of spirit, science, mysticism, philosophy & religion.
we cannot be so casual about it, cynical, disconnected, wanting to escape it.
we've been given a gift.
we've been given wonderful tools.
we just need to get used to using them creatively at least as much as we use them for simple entertainment.
space/time is in a sense collapsing.
an effort must be made to preserve the energy, the expression of regionality, the personality of place.
monoculture is not an answer, an all or nothing path.
it is an opportunity to create a wider supplemental language & medium for a global dialogue, but it must not come at the expense of plurality.
there is nothing wrong with a one world mindset, as long as it includes the diversity which gave birth to the process to begin with.
life supports diversity, not homogenization.
let those who want there monoculture have it.
i have no problem with that.
but NOT at the expense of those who do not which to participate.
let those who want to be gods do so, let them design their world from top to bottom if they want to,
their reproduction, their genetically modified food, all of it.
just kick their asses off planet, as they have no right to destoy a natural living system which can & does flourish without them. to do so is the ultimate act of war against creation. to destroy that which does not need the human in order to replace it with something that exists simply to fulfill the needs of ego, of abstracted philosophies.

the mindset of the future, of the cosmic human should resonate with the following:
planets are expressions and are exactly what they are meant to be. their living systems should be left in tact to folow it's natural flow. those who do not wish to abide by those living symbiotic systems need to express themselves elsewhere, in a vaccum which is a blank slate for their creativity.
so, get to building those spaceships & space stations and get on with it so we can do our own thing here.
develop your nanotech to do so, but make sure to avoid that grey goo! be wise in your endevours!
you will even be welcomed back onto tera, as long as you are willing to live & abide by cosmic law & live in symbiotic accordance with the natural systems of the planet while present.

we must also be sure to not get caught up in the western museum mindset of turning traditional ways of being into static museum pieces. life is not static. so know that i am not stating that we should worship "old ways" as being something that do not ever change or metamorphosize.
i am simply saying that respect & a depth of understanding must be present. a willingness to truly come to a knowing, a resonant wisdom about that which we encounter during exploration.
this is the same attitude which should be present in ALL exploration.
every single problem that has ever existed or come into being because of exploration, colonization is due to this philosophy not being integrated.
maybe we are just now finally growing into it.
we should not beat ourselves up for the past.
we only have the now.
it's time for a change.
it's time to awaken to the new world.
it's time to stop acting like spoiled adolescents.
and we all need to be empathic, understanding & supportive as we all transform,
cus it's going to be a rough & we are ALL going to need each other.

i for one, am ready for it.
are you?

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