Saturday, December 17, 2005


it's been a great day.
the guiness that i am drinking hte remainder of after putting some into the from scratch chili I am making is makin me feel nice & chill & I am so hapy that i do not have to work tomorrow!

i received some cds in the mail from j-dog today & i swear that I popped the first one in (Padiro Axé -incredible Capoeira music!) and almost started cryin cus it struck me so much. (yeah, i can be all sensitive like that)
wow. so beautiful. I've just started listening to the other cds (Savage Aural Hotbed & Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco) & I just want to...
well, let's just say I can hardly wait till New Year's.
It will be so amazing to finally be able to look into her eyes.

I can smell the scent of that chili wafting in here...3 kinds of dried peppers, plus fresh poblanos & chipotles with some adobo.everything fresh ground by mortar & pestle. garlic, cumin & so many other spices...even a little garam masala.
mmm. i just licked the spoon...SPICY!
right on.

got some christmas shopping done today & started the most important xmas project of all.

think I'll chill for the rest of the eveing & tomorrow will be a day of creativity.

wish i was cooking for more than one...

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