Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Early winter

So, we've been getting snow & rain here in Chicago like we have not gotten in a long time. Usually, December is still a relatively warm winter month, say,averaging mid thirties to mid forties. At least it had been the last few years. And I am damn sure of it, cus I spent those winters walking home 7 miles a day.
hope it's not the beginning of the next ice age! :^O

so I've been finalizing all of my holiday travel plans & I sure am going to be spending quite a bit of time on the road. Thankfully I will hardly be driving any of it if I even have to drive at all.
means I can do some djmixin on the laptop, take a nap, read a book, meditate, watch the landscape go by...
since I'm goin Amtrak I am seriously thinkin about upgrading to business class for the longer trip so I can be sure to have an AC outlet for the laptop. 9 hours is a long ass ride. It would be good to be productive for some of it.
heck maybe I can even get a new website designed in that time. hehe.

I am looking forward to all of it.

it will be good to see family at Christmas. I do not get to see them enough.
and new year's is going to rock my world I'm sure.

but the next few weeks need to be about me gettin prepared for all of it.
final present making or buying (prefer making)and all of that.

having a toe that is still not cooperating the way I'd like it to and all of this icy snowy dirty city to have to trek thru to get things done is sometimes a little, well...taxing. but worth it.
I just do not feel like diggin that caravan out of the snow & takin a chance of it dying on me in this weather.
best to let it sit peacefully.

i've been playing a lot with traktor dj studio too. Finally getting the hang of it and finally have the ability to headphone cue, something I was not able to do before.
the interface I have that lets me do it sux ass (noisy as all hell & sometimes freaks traktor out - it's a low end edirol 2i/2o + headphone jack usb thing), but until I get something that works better, it'll do.
it excites me to have someone awaiting to hear my mixes..someone that is a natural mover & shaker and I'm sure a dancer extraordinaire. I cannot wait to see her in motion!
I'll cook up the beats & you get the dance troupe together j-dog. We'll put on a show that'll make even those with the deepest sonic wallflower psychosis shake their asses.

life can be oh so good when ya surrender to it. Make the leap, take the chance.
I think this is going to be an amazing winter!

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