Thursday, January 05, 2006

cosmic dance

walker between worlds, dancing amongst the stars.
spiraling at the nexus, the place of convergence.
where realities meet, co-create, make love, make war, make up.
bridging gaps, tossing seeds.
exorcising self.
a beautiful dance, gazing upon creation, the infinite multitude of perceptions, dimensions, individual worlds we all create for ourselves in each of our own attempts at discovering just what it is to be alive, to be human, to be aware.
while spinning, a realization comes, that one cannot choose any a path until the spinning has ceased.
one must stop.
eventually choosing a path, or choosing the eternal spin.
now & then a path will assert itself, manifesting, unfolding.
is it one i wish to venture down?
is it worth the risk?
do my desires get in the way of those involved?
how to dance with this partner, this connection made in the fabric of spacetime?
questions that occur so often to those who seek expansion, who search for truth, for gnosis, for revelation.
it is such a tough call.
expecially with so many choices!
we have no shortage of choices in these times!
yet somehow, caught up in the spin, lost in the motion, the search, the present can tend to get lost, forgotten, as we live in the past and future, the only times that do not actually exist, that are only memories, perceptions, projections, artistic renditions and understandings of things found, translated, meanings implied.

but at some point the spinning must stop! and one must get on with it!
what to choose, what to choose? or do i even choose?
maybe i let it choose me!
that requires so much trust in life, so much trust!and i promise you, life will provide!
it always has or you would not be here!
such a big step!
so easy to talk or write about, so much more difficult to live when one has been raised in a culture steeped in negative reinforcement, of fault, of the quest for perfection.
but i guess that it really is only when that trust is there that the magic can happen, that the flowers shower.

yesterday afternoon i felt electric, to the extent of visualization.
as i was walking home from work, a point came where i felt supercharged, i felt and saw lightning shooting thru me, crown to base. it surged through my hands as they crackled with this pure bright energy.
as i walked down the street, i could not help but project it outwards, caressing every person i passed with this energy, this compassion, this love.
when i am in that state i am who i am supposed to be, i am natural, and i am home.
maybe i am just crazy, but i do not care.
it is a magnificent experience.
one to be cultivated.
becoming homo-luminous.
leaving the monkey behind and returning to divinity.
yet the monkey clings, as it must, since i am in this vehicle, this flesh, which allows me all of this experience in this form, which allows me to write this, to express this, to be this.
there may be keys on the outside, in and of the material, but the doorway is only inside, and it is etheric, unmeasurable and only known by experiencing it.
we all choose our own keys, and each one is different.
this search for THE key, for an easy route for all, while well intentioned, is not natural, is not right.
it is simply a need to be right, and that must be dropped, for it stands in the way of the path.
it is all too easy to become zealous about our own revelations, our own paths to them, but we must remember that it is only our own, and that is exactly the way it is supposed to be. options, expressions, chances to explore.
the master key is mutual facilitation. not arguing & standing in each other's way, but rather cooperation on the quest.
dancing with each other, celebrating our individual explorations, each of which add to the fabric of the collective experience.
remember, there's a lot of room on that dancefloor!
so lets get out there & do our things! be a fool!
and let the life flow through you!

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