Friday, January 06, 2006

the fool

a few of you may notice that i removed a post that i had put up a couple of days ago.
i felt that it had some things in it that i did not like, that should have been private, and that while good intentioned were expressed in a manner which i am not very proud of.
It was written while i was really having a hard time wrestling with my emotional ghosts, desires, fears.
it has been a very emotional week as i have been digesting so much, trying to make sense of everything,
trying to make sense of me.
all i really want to do is love, and help people free themselves.
but so many times i end up sounding like an ass.
i want to say good day to that part of myself, to move forward into a more compassionate language.
maybe it is time to put down the osho books.
they have made me harsh around the edges.
i do not like that.
i am not proud of unknowingly hurting others feelings, causing anguish, anxiety, or any other negative feelings.
so, i apologize to every person i have ever offended.
i cannot say that you will not be put off by my words in the future, but i can say that i am seeking the most loving language i can.

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