Tuesday, January 03, 2006

pulling inguz

The official version of the New Year is here.
for the first time in years, i got to spend it with a goddess!
My trip to Columbia was an interesting one.
Deep conversations, nice long naps, and maybe the deepest & most important connection i have ever made with another being in my whole life.
I know that i say that every time, but it is true every time, almost evolutionary.
but never, ever have i been so in tune in so many ways, yet so different on so many others.
digesting it all is proving to be quite an endevour.
so much...SO much.
I crave sitting across teh table from her discussing ideas & experiences.
gazing into those beautiful blues as she once again says something so resonant i'd swear it was my own thought.
then next thing she shakes me to the core.
calling me on my shit, making me stand strong.

Once again I am challenged. is my selflessness real? can i really give without expecting anything in return?
how to do this? be this? experience this?
why do i even stress? i was blessed enough to meet her, to have her be willing to open up her world to me, to make the most incredible connection of my life.
coming home to my own apartment, i felt a bit trapped.
going to work this morning, i felt that i'd dropped right back into the program, the same thing i have been doing over & over & over.
this city is quickly becoming a prison.
so many opportunities, both visionary & diversions.
it felt like such a relief to be away from it.
being in such wonderful company made it that much sweeter.
i cannot help but want to be in their presence. they make me feel right about life, they make me feel that it is all worth it.
i'd jump no questions asked.

not sure what to make of it all.
i guess all that can happen is to let it unfold however it does.
trust. patience. being present.
making roadtrips ;)

at the rabbit's birthday party, there was a set of runes out for people to pull from.
my pull was Inguz

Fertility, New Beginnings, Love and Harmony


Birth, love and harmony are all aspects of this rune. Again the idea of birth goes beyond the physical to encompass all new beginnings - the successful completion of another cycle of life.

It signals a fertile period for the mind, body and spirit. A very positive rune.
This symbol cannot be inverted.

considering the way my life has gone the last few years, could i possibly get a better pull than that?

thank you to all that is for such an amazing & fertile weekend.
i promise to nurture these new seeds with as much grace & love as i have.
for i know that they are truly one of the greatest gifts i have ever received.

here's to new movements, new visions, and a wonderful new companion on the path.

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