Sunday, January 08, 2006

renewed outlook

there has been a lot to work through over the last week.
patterns within become recognized.
foolish behavior too...
failure to communicate as well as i intended to...
not being clear.
i'm making sure that i am keeping a good sense of humor about myself, cus otherwise this would really seem like a lot of work.
instead, it keeps vacillating back & forth between work & play.
coming to terms with oneself is , well...interesting, challenging...confusing, inspiring, sometimes disappointing at first...
but always worth it.
gotta learn from that shit.

all of this has been great. it has spurred me outwards into the world.
time to get out of the apartment a little more.
craving good conversation, good company.
the kinda times that make your mind tingle.
big laughs at crazy ideas, moments of insight, absurd ideas.
also feeling the urge, finally, to connect more witih the artistic community of this city.
i am not quite sure why i've not put the effort i could into showing my work.
speaking of which, i really need to get that new version fo the site goin...already have some of the graph design done.

i found myself on myspace last night browsing to see what kind of people are hanging round this town.
it is always so interesting to see how people create their profiles, how they present themselves.
found some very interesting & creative people out there, so if any of ya happen to be reading this, welcome to the absurdity which is my blog.

tonite i did a new dj mix (of an older set that i did not have a good recording of yet)
66M and 71 minutes. i LOVE this mix. get it here
tracklist forthcoming...

this is going to be such an interesting year.
time to turn some heads.

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