Tuesday, February 28, 2006

you say you know what's what..

...but do you really have a clue?
While the majority of idiots both left & right play their ego games of being right & self righteous,of declaring enemies & being generally violent in their psychologies, the New World Order continues to build it's empire almost blatantly in the open and few are willing to pay attention.

Do you have debts that you are afraid that you would not be able to pay if there were economic turmoil, hyper-inflation or the like?
are you owned by the bank?
then you better read this because there sure has been a LOT of talk about debtors work prisons in the alternative news world.

it is a PDF file - 34 Pages - unclassified.

Monday, February 27, 2006

the mirror

whatever you think of me is a reflection of you.
whatever i see in you is a reflection of me.
both of these things are illusions.
yet they serve us well on the path to awareness.
remember this the next time you move to judge, to delineate, to determine worth.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

now (in the abstract)

Well, the weekend is finally here & my world seems to be holding together beautifully.
I continue, amidst the chaos to keep perspective, to see possibilities, to recognize how lucky I am in so many ways.

A letting go has happened. Not of any thing in particular, although recent events sparked this.
Now it has become a general moving into the moment.
Finally, a relaxing, a calm, the ability to simply BE.
I am not worried about tomorrow, about what will happen.
I am here, now.
Yes, I still have hopes & desires, I am not going to give them up, they are fun! They are immensely enjoyable…
…as long as I do not cling to them!
It is the attachment that causes the problem.
So I move forward I the eternal now.
I enjoy the beauty, the blessings, the challenges that are with me now. That I am currently facing.
I can think and worry about the other problems that are for tomorrow when they come.
As for today…NOW, as I write this…I sit in Beans & Bagels…
Drinkin my maté, eatin some hummus on a bagel & listening to Moonstarr’s “Dupont” album.
And it kicks ass!
It’s all over the place in a great way.

Think it’s about time to head back to the pad for some mixin & playin…

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

fo' months

yep...4 months...
the magical number that was recently given to me by my fav co-conspirator in inner alchemy.
it will be interesting to see how these next 4 months unfold as changes take motion.
everything is so incredibly balanced right now.
i find myself laughing out loud very often these days.
at the world, at myself, at all of the problems we cause ourselves & perceive about ourselves which are nothing but projections, illusions.

i am almost....almost...frightened of the power of manifestation which i am currently exhibiting. I think i am going to do a bit more experimentation with it & see what happens. :)
no black magic, i promise!

craziness at work is still up in the air. not sure how long i will have the job...and at the same time being told that there is "great news" for me in regards to it, yet i have been waiting 2 days to find out what exactly this news is.
will i know my fate by the end of the week? we'll see!
of course, i have been wondering that for weeks.

i guess one of the things that is keeping me sane thru all of this is knowing that the possibilities that are presenting themselves are increasingly supportive & nurturing.
right on world! way to provide!
gotta say my heart keeps leading me in a very specific direction.
to a wonderful new friendship that has got me obsessed with teleportation ;^)
i'm looking forward to whatever is next cus i know it is going to be wonderful.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Already There

"The ultimate joke, the only joke ...






This is the only ultimate joke in existence. You are enlightened. You are Buddhas -- pretending not to be, pretending to be somebody else. And my whole work here is to expose you.
See, the goose is out! You will make every effort to put it back in the bottle, because once the goose is out then you don't have any problems. And man knows only how to live in problems, he does not know how to live without problems, so he goes on putting the goose back into the bottle. (...)
Man lives in problems, man lives in misery. To live without problems, to live without misery, needs real courage.
I have lived without any problems for twenty-five years, and I know it is a kind of suicide. I simply go on sitting in my room doing nothing. There is nothing to do! (...)
What I am telling to you is not a teaching. I have to take away from you things which you don't have, and I have to give you things which you already have. You need not be grateful to me at all, because I am not giving you anything new, I am simply helping you to remember.
You have forgotten the language of your being. I have come to recognize it -- I have remembered myself. And since the day I remembered myself I have been in a strange situation: I feel compassion for you, and deep down I also giggle at you, because you are not really in trouble. You don't need compassion, you need hammering, you need to be hit hard on the head. Your suffering is bogus. Ecstasy is your very nature.
You are truth.
You are love.
You are bliss.
You are freedom."

from: Osho, The Goose Is Out!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

the gravity of it all!

Looks like Milgrom's Theory may finally get it's due test within the scientific community as scientists in Scotland present a refined version and challenge the scientific community to prove it wrong.

here's the link to the article
and here's a link to a Science Daily article about it as well.

one step closer

things they are a changin....
we've moved one more step towards teleportation!
here's the link
excerpt from PhysOrg.com:

"The first experimental demonstration of quantum telecloning has been achieved by scientists at the University of Tokyo, the Japan Science and Technology Agency, and the University of York. The work is reported in the latest issue of Physical Review Letters. Telecloning combines cloning (or copying) with teleportation (i.e., disembodied transport).

The scientists have succeeded in making the first remote copies of beams of laser light, by combining quantum cloning with quantum teleportation into a single experimental step. Telecloning is more efficient than any combination of teleportation and local cloning because it relies on a new form of quantum entanglement - multipartite entanglement."....

here's a little futurist foreshadowing by yours truly:
airlines and shipping industry throw huge protest over loss of business as their inefficient & outdated mode of business which they perform becomes increasingly less in demand. The worry is not immediate as it is predicted that it will take some time before the general populace is comfortable with using teleportaion as a main mode of sending & receiving goods and services.
the newly emerging teleportation shipping industry obliterates the need to ship objects via the old physical, high impact, high fuel, low efficiency, high deathrate methods of previous times. (REALLY THINK ABOUT THIS BIT)

In mental health news, the general population is having difficulty adjusting to the new relationship with time to which the new teleportation technology has given birth as nearly instant shipping comes online.
with the coming introduction of home based boxes for sending and receiving smaller inanimate objects, including groceries and everyday items, it is expected that this relatioship with time will be taken even further into abstraction, causing mental health problems in those who are not prepared for the changes in perception.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I swear, if I wasn’t able to laugh at myself I would be such a mess!
Tonite I feel at peace after a day of total inner chaos.
I completely lost center today. My mind was spinning.
I don’t even think it could hold on to any one thought for long.
Must have been some intense processing going on.

Tonite I breathe deep, knowing that everything is perfectly fine.
That life is blessing me in the strangest ways.
It’s just a matter of perspective.

Keeping centered is quite a feat right now.
Takin about all I’ve got.
But I love a good challenge.
I may freak out, but once I get my bearings & really start focusing again, things become clear.
Letting go. Being open.
Enjoying life, celebrating.
I do not ignore the pain, the troubles, the challenges.
I cannot walk away from them.
I move through them, discovering more of my own being, of those involved, as masks drop.
It is in the middle of these challenges that our true colors are displayed.
It is where we are most naked, vulnerable.
It is also the place which gives birth to everything ecstatic.
Living dangerously is the only way to be open to the experiences which life gives us.
Not recklessly, but with awareness. Taking risks.
At times taking great leaps of faith, trusting.
Each of us leaps at our own time.
Some are ready so quickly, are so open to the risk.
Others take time. They may not have the tools they need yet, nor the experiences.
Or they may simply be enjoying things and taking their time!
We do not all ripen at the same time.
Yet we can all nurture each other’s process of ripening.
We do not have to ignore our own to do this.

It is so important to embrace the notion of both/and rather than either/or if one is to truly embrace the possibilities that are available to us.
It can be multiplicity, it can be sharing, it can be an openness that comes with honesty, with trust, with building lives together.

We all too easily get caught up in the segmented compartmentalized version of how our relationships with those around us should develop.
Why do we buy into this? Is it simply because we have been programmed from birth to do so?
This limitation of love, of expression, of positive connections between people seems so unnatural.
It is making us ill, full of dis-ease, hungry for connection.
Sometimes we act rashly, letting out the repressed sides of ourselves; we fall asleep at the wheel.
This can lead to very damaging results to both ourselves and those around us.
Yet we all make mistakes and we must allow them.
Maybe we should not call them mistakes even, but rather, poor choices.
They were choices that were not rich with that which brings life,
which nourishes & brings one closer to the divine.
We must simply bring as much awareness to our actions and expressions as we can.
We must develop the inner technologies which allow us to do so.
It takes time & we have to have patience with ourselves.
We have to have patience with those around us as well.
And most of all we must have forgiveness and empathy; we must attempt to understand others as much as ourselves.
We need to see the larger dynamic, the whole that we together create which is more than simply the sum of our individual parts.
This is how we can create dynamic, compassionate co-creative communities and families.

It need not be all work, it’s gotta be play too!
We must enjoy the process.
It should be a celebration of each other.
It should be a celebration of life itself.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

p is for...

perspective...something that it is sometimes way too easy to lose.
patience...the key to being at peace with existence, to relaxing into life.
possibilities...not being afraid of the unknown, living dangerously, openly, not needing to pin things down but to be open to the infinite.
purity...of intention, of motive, of breathe, of heart, of mind. it is one of the most integral elements of living an awakened loving life.
pineapple...cus they are tasty dammit!
panang curry...cus it is tasty too!
pineal gland...dat third eye...gotta get the calcification off o' dat thing. galactic wave's a comin'!
poop...everybody does it.
painting....something i need to start doing more of.
posting this blog...someting i am going to do right now so i can get on with my evening.


Monday, February 13, 2006


Through the eye of the needle – that is where I am being thrust.
All around me change is happening, death & rebirth.
For a moment, I start to lose my shit, but then I remember:
I am the calm at the center of the storm.
The key is to simply be, to accept, to watch the drama that is life play out.
This interaction of beings, of becomings, of undoings…
It is all so much to digest!

I am receiving the message to move on from my job, to start something new.
I think this may be the final week. It looks as if it is all crumbling around me.
All of the players involved are frazzled, falling apart at the seams.
I alone seem to be calm.
I have no rational reason to be, especially since financial hardship may be coming my way.
But then, what is the point of worrying? What will be will be and as long as I stay true to my heart, to my very being, all will happen as it is supposed to.

The return of the most important person to ever enter my life has jarred me as well.
How could I have forgotten one bit how amazing, brilliant, witty, gorgeous, and caring she is?
I do not think it is possible for me to love anyone more than this.it is beyond words.
Through all of the ups & downs (including the challenges of the now!) we have maintained that inner connection, and it is amazing to get to experience each other again, and finally in a way which is free.
I did not expect this blessing to re-enter my life. I thought it was a dream of which I had to completely let go.
When I was still holding onto it I could not even think of anyone else.
I tried, I really did. And I met amazing women, so many of them!
Shared wonderful conversations and more, but none, and I mean none of them make me feel the way sweet p does.
And considering that I’ve seen the goddess in so, so many, this is saying more than any of you could know.
It is something which can only be experienced.

I know I’ve met my soulmate, no matter how corny you may think that sounds.
I feel that I have known her for lifetimes.
With her, I am at home.
I know she’s probably reading this too, and maybe blushing a bit right now….
With love, with such devoted friendships, time warps.
It intensifies too.
I find myself wanting to start the rest of my life right now, not tomorrow.
Yet patience is the key to everything. Right?
Just trust, make the leap, and know that life will take care of us.
This is what I keep feeling.
It is what I wish to do.
To let the fears burn away.
To let the good stuff start.

Thank you existence for bringing me to this place, to these experiences.
May I be aware & loving in all that I bring.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

what a year...and it's only february!

just a quick one.
the myspace experience keeps getting stranger & more fascinating.
not only did it just facilitate the return of one of the most important people to ever enter my life,
but ...get this...probably not the real man (considering he is not alive anymore), just a fan page, but ya never know...maybe he is a ghost in the machine!
this morning in my friend requests:
david bohm.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Your Biometric Future

Yesterday after leaving work, I decided to stop by the apple store (I hate to go there as it seems so frikkin Nazi-like/antichrist in it's starkness) to see about getting a wired remote for my ipod.
I've been using larger dj 'can' headphones & the jack has been starting to develop a short due to the larger input plug getting pushed side to side in my pocket.
so, I decided that the extention with the remote on it would be a good solution.
not surprisingly, they did not have what I needed.
the apple store has a tendency to only carry the newest products in the line.
they are not about meeting the needs of past customers as much as about coercing people into buying the latest & greatest.

but that is not what I am writing this for...I just wanted to give a little background.
while I was waiting for someone to answer my question as to whether or not they had what I wanted ( and for some reason I seem to be one of those people that they refuse to approach - maybe I look a little too sharp in the head or something, haha) I got to watch one of the latest updates on the "checkout" system.

It was nothing that big or outlandish, simply a handheld portable wireless credit/debit thingy.
(think like those UPS delivery signature things but even smaller)
that was not what was so disturbing.
what was disturbing was watching the pavlovian reaction of the customer.
When the saleswoman whipped that thing out & said she could take care of him right there if he could just show her his credit card & photo ID he got a grin like she had just offered to give him a frikkin blowjob.
The entire psychology of how the transaction went down (pun intended) was downright scary.
a perfect example of the way in which false psychological cues are given to make the customer feel that they are "special" or "privileged".
most people do not have a grasp of how this type of coercive technique works, so they become extremely susceptible to it.
if you are interested in educating yourself about such things, I HIGHLY suggest reading the Douglas Rushkoff book Coercion: Why We Listen To What They Say.

this is but one further step on the road to a cashless, microchipped society.

and here is your warning - REMEMBER THIS ALWAYS!

that's right, pure & simple, unadulterated appealing to your laziness.

One of the first things I would like to express about this is that I am note necessarily against the technologies, as I believe that those who cannot take personal responsibility with their actions at some point have to pay teh piper, and if one is unwilling to be responsible, someone else is going to take over that responsibility for them. We live in a world of finite resources and NO ONE has the right to be irresponsible without there being an equal and opposite response.

Within the last few years, the Chicago Transit Authority has begun to implement a cashless/convenience system.
Within this system those who choose to use cash to pay for their fares are penalized for not letting the CTA collect their personal information.

it is NOT the opposite which many people believe it to be. You are NOT getting a discount. Your supposedly "discounted" price is the baseline price which those corporations figure their profits from.
The same is true with "preferred customer cards".
We all know that these corporations are not running these programs for anything other than the benefit of teh profits of the corporation. They are not in business to give handouts.
It is a technique to reverse the notion that one is being paid for the Corporation's privilege of collecting & selling the personal information of their customers.
but people do not want to think about that.
they would rather believe that they are "special".
they would rather go on pretending that these corporations actually have some sort of humanitarian or chivalrous attitude towards doing business with them.
this is utter absurdity.

one of the things that these corporations seem to have to do in order to make this happen is to leave themselves certain legal loopholes so that they cannot be sued for discrimination.
In the grocer's, it is usually that the checkout person can & will put in a "generic" ID to give the discount. Yet if one wants to use the self-checkouts, which one will notice through experience is being pushed quite a bit in many of these stores, one MUST have their own "preferred card" as there is not clerk to enter in the generic code. If one wants the "generic discount" one is forced to wait in increasingly long lines in stores which manage to open fewer & fewer lanes with actual clerks.

with the CTA Chicago Cards, they have made them available to use without registering them. One still gets the benefits of the discount, but if one loses the card, one loses the value, just like with the older style cards.
once again notice teh element of convenience being used to sell your privacy away.
if you register the card, you can obtain a replacement with the amount which was still on the card minus a 5 dollar processing fee.
you should go to the CTA's website & look around for yourself. If you can find where they actually let the customer know how they actually use the information & what kind of tracking of ridership they do with that information, let me know because I do not see it being communicated in a public forum.
and this is where the main problem lies.
it is one thing if people are given an HONEST choice and are given actual information on what they are participating in, but these types of programs tend to refuse to do so.

do some searching on the web, find out the truth about biometrics & how they are being implemented.
you may be surprised.
it is happening NOW.
and if we do not let ourselves be heard in expressing what kind of relationship we wish to have with these technologies, then we get exactly what we deserve.

the more we give our responsibilities away, the more we become enslaved.
all of these technologies and institutions are supposed to be there to serve us, not to enslave us. We are not alive to serve them, but vice-versa.
we must remember this & be vigilant in these amazingly swiftly changing times.
our freedom and liberty depend on it.